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You have become ‘alien’ not your own! Who is responsible for suicide of mother and daughters in Delhi?


New Delhi: The meaning of life is to come and go… You must have heard this Bollywood song. When someone goes away forever, he leaves behind an empty space of feelings that no one else can fill. Grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, sometimes the family has to go through the climax of pain when the last journey of the son or daughter takes place on the father’s shoulder. Seeing that scene, the liver trembles, the human brain stops working and the tears do not stop from the eyes. How would one go through life after going through such pain? But life has to be lived, it has happened. People leave and the family members spend the rest of their lives with the help of their memories. But imagine what will happen if that pain, discomfort, sorrow of separation dominates? Probably, the same will happen as happened with the mother and daughters in Vasant Vihar area of ​​Delhi. The wife lost her husband and the daughters lost their father, the loneliness so disheartened and desperate that life seemed monotonous and then they committed suicide. The question is, who is responsible for this incident?

Why is there a mourning period of 13 days?
Have you ever wondered why Hindus have 13 days of mourning on the death of a person? The same which is commonly called ‘teri’ in colloquial language. There are ritualistic or religious aspects to it, but think about the practical aspect today. For 13 days, family, relatives, remote and village people keep coming and going at home. That is, you never find yourself empty. There are always people around you so that you remain mentally strong. Law of law… loss-benefit life and death… who can avoid the writing of God… These are emotional lines that explain the meaning of life to a person facing the pain of his passing, the meaning of living Gives encouragement. Who does this, we and you i.e. society. In this society, the role of the family increases greatly along with the people around you. They have to take care of that family or person throughout the year for 13 days or say a month or two months. It is not necessary that you help them with money, but make them emotionally strong enough that that family can return to their lives.

It is a case of suicide with complete planning… There may be financial problems going on. But no problem is so big that a person has to die. If the family or the people around would have understood what is the problem with this family, then they were alone, that meant mental health was not good, they should have been supported for some time.

Dr. Pooja Sharma, Senior Psychiatrist in Ahmedabad

Save the family ending!
The mass suicide of the entire family (three people) in Delhi is a deep blow to the institution of the family. Just think about that mother and both the daughters, they were going to end their life but they were worried that when someone comes to take their dead body, then there should be no danger to her life. Yes, he had pasted a part of the suicide note on the front wall as soon as he opened the gate of the house, so that people would be alert. It was written in this note that no one should switch on or light any match. Carbon monoxide gas is spread inside the house. Take out the gas first, then only come inside or else it can be fatal. And for that family we mean what the family or society did, nothing.

If people had supported, three lives could have been saved.
Dr. Pooja Sharma, Senior Psychiatrist in Ahmedabad says that it is a case of suicide with complete planning… Maybe there is financial problem going on. But no problem is so big that a person has to die. The family or the people around would have recognized the problem that what is the problem with this family. They were alone, meaning mental health was not good, they could be supported for some time. If you didn’t stay together everyday, you would have come at least once in a few days. Such a family needs a lot of emotional support. People should have been sensitive, should have kept meeting. Had there been a little support, three lives could have been saved. He said that in such cases the responsibility of police, resident welfare increases. The family thing is disappearing in big cities. This is very sad.

Family was in depression, not neighbors
Manju Srivastava’s age was 55 years. Elder daughter Ankita was 30 years old and younger daughter Anshuta was 26 years old. Neighbors are telling that after the death of husband Umesh Srivastava, the wife and both the daughters were in depression. He wrote in the suicide note, ‘We will be united again by going to the world we are going to.’ These lines are telling how deep the shock of Umesh’s death had reached him. His emotions kept dominating his life but the family or the people around did not think of helping in the slightest. The symptom of depression is that a person starts to remain silent, always thinking something, the color of the face goes away. The neighbors did nothing to rescue the family trapped in the whirlwind of despair. Anyway, urban neighbors know how to stay confined within the confines of their flats.

Five brothers, sisters but all stay away
Surprisingly and most sadly, Umesh had five brothers and one sister, but after his departure, no one thought of his wife and children. He was number four. The eldest brother lives in Hardoi, the second in Mainpuri, the third in Indore and the youngest brother in Kanpur. There may have been some estrangement, dispute over land or money, but after the death of the brother, the family could only be thought of. Man has a heart, if brothers had shown a big heart, then Umesh’s wife and daughters could have been saved from this pain.

In such cases, we often see that the elder brother or someone in the family supports his brother and daughters. Both the daughters did B.Com. Didn’t even have to spend money. Umesh wanted his younger daughter to be a CA, that is, he must have made some preparations. There were talks about the marriage of the elder daughter. After Umesh’s departure, if the elder brother had shown a little nobility, then one daughter could get married and one could get a job. Not even this much, at least you could have thought of keeping it with you. With time, he would have made himself fit to live without Umesh. Are we forgetting family, relationships, everything? Families still live together in villages. No matter how many brothers are there in the house, but rotis reach their plate from a stove. When the family is large and they are separated when the space is less, then the relationship or family feeling is not different.

Corona has destroyed many families, they need help
According to government figures on Corona, more than 5 lakh people lost their lives. Umesh was also taken by Corona. It is said that some help was made by the RWA to the family but proved to be their ‘alien’. The brothers did not even remember that they are children of the same mother, they all spent their childhood together, if Umesh is not there today, then at least be the support of his wife and daughters. Wherever the brother is, he will be proud of his elder brother or family.

Before committing suicide, the mother and both the daughters converted their flat into a gas chamber. All the doors, windows and skylights of the house were sealed with polythene. The gas cylinder knob was also open. A burning fireplace was found nearby. There was froth and blood coming out of the mouth of all three… Hearing all this, perhaps Umesh’s brothers must be regretting their mistake.

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