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Why isn’t the enthusiasm of Congress coming from Rahul Gandhi’s appearance?


Umesh Chaturvedi
Can Rahul Gandhi’s appearance before the Enforcement Directorate create the same situation for the Congress as it was 45 years ago? The way Congress workers are creating a ruckus against the Enforcement Directorate over the production of Rahul Gandhi, the way Congress workers have scuffled with the policemen from place to place, it seems something similar. On 3 October 1977, when Indira Gandhi was arrested on charges of corruption on the instructions of the then Home Minister Chaudhary Charan Singh, there was a ruckus. The only difference is that the youth Congress workers, then called Sanjay Brigade, had really created a ruckus against the administration and the police, while this time the Congress leaders are competing to have a photo session of the ruckus. It seems that their effort is more to bring their opposition to the notice of the party high command than to protest.

influence of influence
We never tire of claiming to have a strong democratic set-up in our country. But whenever an influential person comes under the purview of any administrative or judicial proceeding, his democracy is in immediate danger. The same is happening in the case of Enforcement Directorate questioning Rahul Gandhi. Congress and its leaders are calling themselves victims.

Keep in mind, the judicial system has a big role behind this interrogation of Rahul Gandhi in the case of Associated Journal Limited (AJL), the publisher of the National Herald. BJP leader Subramanian Swamy had filed a case in a lower court in Delhi in 2012 alleging manipulation in the AJL case. He had accused Congress President Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi. Against this, the Congress has first gone to the Delhi High Court and then to the Supreme Court. The Delhi High Court has already ordered to run a criminal case in this case. The Supreme Court not only refused to stay the trial court proceedings, but also asked it to continue the trial. After this, the Enforcement Directorate started investigation in this case in the year 2014.

Congressmen protest in Mumbai against ED probe of Rahul Gandhi (Photo: ANI)

When Subramanian Swamy complained to the court, there was a Congress government at the Center and when the matter reached the Enforcement Directorate, the Congress was still in power. Since the political parties have to fight with the political parties, they have to snatch power from them, that is why even in the cases going on under the court, when there is something high and low against them, they target the ruling party itself.

Questions are floating in the political circles these days on the timing of the questioning of Rahul Gandhi. It is being asked that if there is no election at present, then why is the Gandhi family being targeted through the Enforcement Directorate? Given the current political situation, such a question is also natural. Now the Lok Sabha elections are almost two and a half years late. However, the priority of BJP supporters is different. They allege that the Gandhi family encroached on AJL’s property worth two thousand crores through Young India Limited on the basis of basic capital of only fifty lakhs. Why did it take so long to take action against such a huge corruption? It is clear that the questions are on both sides and the answers from both the sides are not acceptable to each other.

Rahul Gandhi is trying to show himself as a martyr in this whole process. He may be like this to some extent in the eyes of his workers, but has not been able to garner much sympathy in the eyes of the common people.

If Rahul Gandhi’s advisors wanted, they would have suggested him to do something so that he would emerge as a serious and big personality. Enforcement Directorate he would go with all the dignity and warn the workers against scuffles. If the news published in the newspapers is true, then Rahul Gandhi has lost his grace during this period. According to reports, after the first day’s interrogation, he had asked the Enforcement Directorate officials to tell the servant of the businessman that I had come. If Rahul Gandhi has said so, then such language does not suit at least a person of his level. By the way, his own party Congress has governments in Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh. In both the places, big contracts have been given to the businessman whom Rahul allegedly mentioned. How can it be that the association of the same businessman becomes a means of taunting against the BJP and the Congress Chief Ministers are ignored. If Rahul had appeared before the Enforcement Directorate with full dignity, his political stature would have increased. A minister in his own state government says that Rahul Gandhi is not a round-the-clock politician. That is why he goes abroad for rest as soon as he gets the opportunity and often keeps making political mistakes. This seems to be happening somewhere in the AJL case as well.

long wait
After Indira’s arrest in October 1977, the Sanjay Brigade may have created a ruckus, but it is also true that there was no great sympathy wave in Indira’s favor then. Yes, it had the effect that she had won the by-election from Chikmagalur in Karnataka. This victory only later helped in sustaining the shaken foundation of the Congress. But this does not seem to be happening with Rahul and today’s Congress. What the Congress will be able to achieve through this inquiry and uproar will have to wait a long time to see.

Disclaimer: The views expressed above are those of the author.

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