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When a minister dies in a fire, the law will be changed? The pain of Neelam Krishnamurthy, who fought for the victims of the Uphaar case, spilled again.


New Delhi : After the fire incident in a commercial building in Mundka, Delhi, the memories of the Uphaar fire incident have become fresh. Neelam Krishnamurthy, who lost her two sons in the Uphaar accident and fought a long battle for justice, has raised questions about the laws related to fire in the country after this incident. Uphaar Fire Victims Association Neelam Krishnamurthy said that yesterday was the 13th and it was Friday. I was watching the news every moment and the same things were reviving in front of me, which happened during the Uphaar fire. Neelam said that don’t ask what happened to me.

Is the minister waiting to die in the fire?
Neelam said that in our country, if a minister dies in a road accident, then the laws of the road change, but most of the deaths happen in fire, why the laws are not changed in that. Because, they are ordinary people. Does any minister need to die in a fire to change the law?

Everyone knows that in such (fire) cases 304A case will be registered which is bailable. That’s why people do not have fear. Such accidents can be avoided only by regular investigation, but unfortunately our benefits department does not have enough officers. There, about half the posts are lying vacant.

Neelam Krishnamurthy, President, Uphaar Fire Victims Association

25 dead bodies identified in Mundka fire, 28 people still missing, two company owners arrested
The situation has not changed even after 27 years
Neelam Krishnamurthy said that it is very unfortunate that since 1997 till date there is no change in the situation. The building does not have a fire NOC, we come to know about it when someone dies due to a fire in it. He said that the absence of deterrence in our country is most responsible for such accidents.

Mundka fire: 26 lives would have been saved if the stairs had not caught fire, people trapped by generators kept on the way
Neelam’s two children had died
On June 13, 1997, a fire broke out in Uphaar cinema hall during a film show. Neelam’s two children, Unnati and Ujjwal, were killed in this accident. 28 families who lost their lives in this accident were also involved. Neelam fought a long battle to get the culprits punished in the case by forming the Uphaar Fire Victims Association. Neelam, who was a housewife, not only learned about the law for justice after this accident, but also formed an association of the victims of the Uphaar fire incident. In the fight for justice, Neelam also received threats many times but she did not give up. Her husband Shekhar Krishnamurthy also supported her in this fight.

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