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Whatsapp-Facebook Deal: Now Neeraj Arora, who made WhatsApp deal with FB, is now regretting, know why Facebook was called a ‘monster’

New Delhi:Who does not know WhatsApp today? There will hardly be any person who does not have WhatsApp in his phone. It was started in 2009 and by 2014 it was bought by Facebook. Neeraj Arora, who was the company’s Chief Business Officer, played an important role in getting the deal between WhatsApp and Facebook done. However, they also gave use after about 4 years. Neeraj Arora was associated with WhatsApp for about 7 years. Now Neeraj has made some tweets in a sequential manner and has told how he was the key person in getting the deal between Facebook and WhatsApp and why he regrets that decision today.

Read Neeraj’s series of tweets in his own language-

In 2014, I was the Chief Business Officer of WhatsApp. And I helped Facebook negotiate a $22 billion deal with WhatsApp. Today I feel sorry for my decision. Know where things went wrong.

WhatsApp was started in 2009 by Jan Kum and Brian Acton. After 2 years I joined WhatsApp as Chief Business Officer. In 2012-13, we received acquisition offers from Zuckerberg and Facebook. We declined that offer and decided to go ahead on our own. But after that in 2014, Facebook again offered us, which looked very much like partnership.

– Full support for end-to-end encryption
– no ads ever
– Complete freedom on product decision
– Seat on the board for Jain Kum
– Our own office in Mountain View

If you have used WhatsApp even in the olden times, then you will remember what made it special. International Communication. For people like Murray, whose families are in different countries, WhatsApp was a great way for them to stay connected. At the same time, they did not even have to pay SMS and calling fees for long distances.

WhatsApp earned just $1 for downloading the app, and Facebook said it supported our mission and vision. Brian even wrote a famous note.

After that we started talking about the acquisition and made our stand. No user data will be used, no ads will ever be shown, no cross-platform tracking. Facebook and its management agreed to these terms and we felt they believed in our mission. And that didn’t happen at all. Facebook acquired WhatsApp in 2014 for $22 billion (cash and stock), but by 2017-2018 things started to look quite different.

By the time of 2018, the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal came to the fore. Brian Acton made a tweet which took social media by storm. Brian Acton wrote – It is time #deletefacebook. That means it’s time to delete Facebook. Today WhatsApp is Facebook’s second largest platform, even bigger than Instagram and FB Messenger. But now it is just a reflection of the product for which we laid down our lives and wanted it to be made for the world.

I’m not the only one who regrets becoming a part of Facebook. Tech companies need to admit when they did something wrong. In the beginning no one knew that Facebook would become a monster, which would eat users’ data and extort money. We didn’t even know about this.

For the tech ecosystem to evolve, we need to talk about how bad business models make good products, services and ideas go wrong. And now where do we go from here?

Along with writing all this, Neeraj has shared the link of a report of Wallstreet Journal saying that in view of this a debate can be started. Now people’s reaction to his tweet has also started coming. One user has written that this tweet is not about that Facebook has bought WhatsApp, but its purpose is to show Elon Musk as a devil. Another user has even said that Neeraj did not know in which world he was.

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