What was Anand Mahindra’s favorite subject in school, the user asked on Twitter, got this answer


New Delhi
On National Youth Day on 12 January, Anand Mahindra shared a photo from his Twitter handle. In this picture, he is seen sitting in the classroom with some small girls. This picture of Anand Mahindra became increasingly viral on social media and people started asking different types of questions to him. Meanwhile, a user also asked Mahindra about his favorite subject during school time.

In response to this question, Anand Mahindra said that his favorite subject used to be history. He further said, ‘Those who will answer that they do not like to live in the past, I say that you cannot invent the future without learning from the past..’

what to say on unfavourite subject
After this, another user asked Anand Mahindra about the subject which he did not like. To this Mahindra replied, ‘If you are hungry to learn, then no subject is distasteful. I will not be able to enjoy a subject only if the teacher is unmotivated or unmotivated. In such a situation, teachers have a huge responsibility. As a society we need to encourage them more..’

When a user asked were you a back bencher?
In the picture shared by Anand Mahindra on National Youth Day, he is seen sitting last in the classroom. On this, a user quipped and asked, are you a backbencher? To this Mahindra replied in a very positive manner, ‘Backbenchers always have the widest possible view of the class and the universe.’

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