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What is the NDA’s internal challenge regarding the presidential election and what is the BJP’s bet waiting for the opposition…


The formal process of electing the new President of the country has started. Notification for this has also been issued by the Election Commission. The country’s 776 MPs and 4,033 MLAs will together elect the new President of the country before July 25. For this, the game of check-and-match has started. Both the camps are considering this election as an opportunity for mind games, not only to elect the President. Both the camps feel that this election will also indicate the political equation of the 2024 general election. This is the reason that the work of laying the chessboard has started from both the sides.

Nitish worried about BJP

Talking about statistics, like in 2017, the BJP-led NDA will not face any problem in choosing its favorite candidate this time too. The core concern of the BJP is to persuade its allies, especially Bihar CM Nitish Kumar. His stand has kept the BJP worried in recent times. First he denied giving Rajya Sabha ticket to his leader RCP Singh. It was said that he was annoyed by his approaching BJP. Then there was talk that he himself could be the presidential candidate. However, Nitish also denied this. In the midst of all this uproar, the biggest challenge before the BJP in this election is still to keep Nitish Kumar with him. If the BJP is successful in doing so, a large state will remain under their control on the pretext of presidential elections. Bihar is important for the BJP in terms of 2024, from where 40 Lok Sabha MPs are elected.

NDA’s internal challenge

Apart from this, the second major challenge before the BJP is to retain Naveen Patnaik and Jagan Reddy in its side. Ever since Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister, both of them have been with the decisions of the BJP on almost every major occasion. This time also the math of numbers is that if the NDA clan remains united and any one of these two leaders gets together, then BJP will not have any problem in choosing the President of its choice. But according to the indications so far, Naveen Patnaik has indicated to open his cards this time only after hearing the name of the presidential candidate. At the same time, BJP’s effort will not only be to collect numbers, but also to break into the opposition camp, so that they can break its morale before 2024. This happened in 2017 also when the BJP was successful in getting Nitish Kumar in its side. Then Nitish was in the opposition camp and was running the government in collaboration with RJD.

everyone’s own rage

Even though the opposition does not have enough numbers to win its candidate in the presidential election, it wanted to use this opportunity as a rehearsal to come to a stage before 2024. But the indications so far show that it is not getting the expected success in this. On the contrary, like every time, this time too a large distance has started appearing in them at many levels. Apart from this, everyone is chanting their own raga. Like every time, the biggest hurdle is arising as to who will be the leader of this campaign. This time, however, it was started by Telangana Chief Minister KCR. He came to Delhi and spoke separately to all the opposition leaders. His national ambitions in recent times have not been hidden. He was seeking his central role in national politics on the pretext of presidential elections. Meanwhile, Mamta Banerjee also expressed her right on this role and wanted to come to Delhi and try to bring all the opposition parties on one platform. But Mamta also did not get much success in this. Till now Arvind Kejriwal, who has always stood by Mamta, did not show that much enthusiasm for her this time. Mamta Banerjee also invited BJD to the meeting of opposition parties, but Naveen Patnaik’s party kept itself away from this politics as usual.

Growing gap in opposition

On the other hand, the Congress seems to be in a state of indecisiveness on this issue so far. The party’s campaign did not gain momentum due to Sonia Gandhi’s illness and Rahul Gandhi being busy with the ED investigation. The party is yet to reach a consensus on this issue. On the other hand, other regional parties have so far kept themselves away from their active participation in the presidential election. This is the reason why Sharad Pawar categorically refused his candidature. A section of the opposition is keen to forward the name of G-23 faction leader Ghulam Nabi Azad in the Congress. On the other hand, Mamta Banerjee can forward the name of former Finance Minister Yashwant Sinha.

Keeping an eye on BJP’s bet

Thus, the preparations for the opposition campaign have so far been completely entangled and in a state of indecision. The expectations that the opposition had from this election are yet to be fulfilled. Although there are still days left in the election and deciding the claim, in such a situation, the opposition can try its best to mobilize even at the last minute. At the same time, apart from its own strength, the eyes of the opposition are also on the BJP’s stake. The opposition feels that if the BJP announces the name of its candidate without taking its allies or other allies in the loop, then it can once again open the way to challenge it.

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