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Weight Loss Fruits: Bring these 5 indigenous fruits before taking gym membership, many diseases will remain away along with obesity.

In today’s time most of the people are suffering from obesity. Apart from unbalanced lifestyle, the reason for this can be genetic factors and diseases. In such a situation, many times cases of body shaming also come to the fore, which later becomes the cause of mental stress. What people do not do to get rid of it, sweating for hours in the gym, they use everything in the market, which are showing the lure of weight loss. But nothing comes out of the result.

But do you know that you can make your weight loss journey easier without any side effects. Although you must have tried many types of superfoods for weight loss, but we have brought suggestions of indigenous and seasonal fruits for you, which are easily available in the market as well as effective for obesity.


Apricot is a juicy fruit with sour and sweet taste. Many types of nutrients are present in it. Along with this, it also has many medicinal properties, which also helps in weight loss with diseases like digestion, vision improvement, heart disease, anemia, diabetes. Actually, the fiber present in it releases satiety hormone in the body which gives a feeling of fullness to the stomach. With this, a person can avoid obesity due to overeating. And weight loss It is easy to follow his diet in the direction of doing.

Kamarkha (Star Fruit)


kamarkha It looks like a star when cut, hence it is also called star fruit. It is mildly sour in taste. Nutrients like B vitamins and fiber are found in it. It improves digestive health and helps prevent stroke and heart disease. Apart from this, this fruit can ease your weight loss journey. It is low in calories, while fiber is found in sufficient quantity, which works to cut excess body fat.

safflower (sonave)


Safflower is very tasty in taste and is very beneficial in diabetes. This fruit is beneficial for your overall health and can also help in reducing weight. This fruit is rich in vitamins, iron, calcium and fiber. it you better immunity And can include in your diet for hair care.

Tadgola (Ice Apple)


Ice apple is also known as Tadgola. It tastes like coconut water. It is rich in minerals, vitamins and sugar. Its consumption is good for health. Also, if you want to reduce weight, then this fruit can be beneficial for you.

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​Wood Apple


Like the apple, the vine is also called wood apple due to many nutrients and tough outer shell. Its juice is very much liked in summer. It is high in fiber and vitamin C, which makes it perfect for weight loss. Apart from this, these fruits can prevent digestive health and respiratory diseases. Also if you are diabetic, you can consume this superfood, it diabetes slows down the progress.

Disclaimer: This article is for general information only. It cannot in any way be a substitute for any medicine or treatment. Always contact your doctor for more details.

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