Video: Risk of life for ‘beauty’! African women injecting chicken soup into the hips


Everyone aspires to have a perfect body shape. Some people go to the gym for this and avoid spicy food, while some leave fast food and adopt yoga and home exercise. But when the urge to get the perfect body shape turns into a fad, things get a little serious. There have been cases in Africa where people are injecting chicken stock into their private parts. These women are risking their lives in the pursuit of perfect figure. This may sound a bit strange but it is true.

This dangerous desire for beauty was covered by Vice in 2018. Now once again this report is being shared on social media. In the video, residents of Kangge, especially women, are shown to be victims of this addiction. These women are injecting chicken soup and injecting it in their body so that they can achieve attractive body shape. Chicken soup that enters the body through the skin gets stuck in the hips, causing them to enlarge.

Ineffective doctors’ warnings
Women are injecting not only chicken soup but Maggi, salt, sugar, black pepper, oil and many other edible things into their bodies. The stock cubes of these things are first converted into liquid and then injected into the body. Doctors have warned many times about such use and have told women about its harm but it did not have any effect on them.
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Even after knowing about the loss…
In the video, a woman tells that she is well aware of the harm it causes but still takes frequent injections because it makes her body look attractive. The special thing is that this injection is very easy to get and is much cheaper than plastic or other types of surgery. Doctors attribute this trend to music albums and movies that have given rise to the belief that only a certain type of body shape is considered beautiful.