Video: Missile attack on US embassy in Baghdad, see how air defense failed



  • Missiles attack on US embassy
  • Anti air defense system installed in the embassy shot down in the air
  • Video is going viral, the system is seen spewing fire

of Iraq US Embassy in Baghdad The air defense system thwarted the missile attack on K. Two missiles were fired at the US embassy on Thursday evening. These missiles were destroyed in the air by the air defense system before they hit the ground. Many videos of this incident are being fiercely shared on social media. In these, bullets fired from the American air defense system are seen in the dark of night. At the same time, the debris of the missile is also seen falling. Officials have said that no casualties have been reported in the attack.

Who was behind the attack?
Iraqi military officials said at least two missiles were fired at the US embassy in central Baghdad. None of these missiles succeeded in targeting the embassy. These missiles were also destroyed in the air by the American Sea RAM Air Defense System. America deployed this system in Baghdad many years ago. The US embassy in Baghdad has been hit several times by missiles in the past. Iran-backed militias have often been claimed to be behind these attacks.

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Know about C-RAM system
The full name of C-RAM is Counter Rocket, Artillery and Mortar. This system is used to detect or destroy rockets, cannon balls and mortar rounds in the air itself. This destroys them in the air before they explode on the ground. It is a short range air defense system, which is capable of firing thousands of rounds of bullets in seconds.

Rocket attack near US embassy in Iraq, child killed, 5 injured
How C-RAM System Works
This C-RAM system detects its target with the help of radar and state-of-the-art cameras. The C-RAM system uses a 20 mm high blast shell. This shell was developed for the M163 Vulkan air defense system. This ball explodes in the air and destroys its target. In this way, the C-RAM system is made up of various components that perform the function of snooping, warning, retaliating, killing the enemy, controlling and protecting the soldiers in the battlefield. This system automatically detects and investigates the danger. After this, surveillance starts and then it is destroyed by attacking.

Two rockets fired at Iraq’s ‘very safe’ green zone, US embassy in the area
Know how expensive it is to destroy the enemy
According to the US Army, the C-RAM system has been designed in such a way that the enemy can be destroyed in the air at a longer distance and less cost. The C-RAM system can fire 4500 rounds in a minute to destroy missiles, rockets or cannon balls. Although this system is not that cheap either. A C-RAM system costs one to one and a half million dollars.

US Embessy Attack

Missile attack on US embassy