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UP Budget 2022: So CM Yogi Adityanath is creating one trillion dollar economy of UP like this?


Lucknow: The Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh has made the biggest ever budget of Rs 6,15,518.97 crore (6 lakh 15 thousand 518 crore, Rs 97 lakh).UP Budget 2022-23) has been introduced. According to Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, this budget has been made for every section of the society keeping in mind the public sentiments of 25 crore people of the state. He said that we had issued a Lok Kalyan Sankalp Patra before the 2022 assembly elections. Out of its 130 resolutions, 97 resolutions have been included in the first budget, for this 44 resolutions are new. He thanked the entire cabinet and said that we will be a partner in achieving 1 trillion economy.

So whether Uttar Pradesh has started on the path of one trillion economy or not? What is the vision of Yogi government? To understand this, we are presenting in front of you the highlights of the budget speech.

Finance Minister Suresh Khanna concluded his budget speech with a lion, he said…

The result will surely come out of my passion,
Noor will emerge from this dark ocean.

Earlier, he said that we have allocated our resources for the schemes of different sectors in such a balanced manner that not only do those areas develop, but different sectors also contribute to the overall development. We will continue the war against criminals, while also empowering women, children and youth. We will set new records in the field of agriculture, manufacturing, infrastructure, industrial development, health, education.
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…so will earn like this (target)

The Finance Minister said that this time the target of revenue collection from State Goods and Services Tax and Value Added Tax has been fixed at Rs 1,24,477 crore.
Rs 49,152 crore from excise duty
Rs 29,692 crore from stamp and registration
The target is Rs 10,887 crore from vehicle tax.

Now talking about the budget estimate, this time the size of the budget presented is 6 lakh 15 thousand 518 crore 97 lakh i.e. Rs 6,15,518.97 crore.
In this, new schemes worth Rs 39,181.10 crore have been included.
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Highest receipts from revenue only
The government estimates that there will be receipts of Rs 5,90,951.71 crore in this financial year. This would include revenue receipts of Rs 4,99,212.71 crore, while the rest would include capital receipts of Rs 91,739 crore.
The revenue share in these revenue receipts is Rs 3,67,153.76 crore. This includes UP’s tax revenue of Rs 2,20,655 crore and the state’s share of central taxes at Rs 1,46,498.76.

now let’s talk about the cost
According to the Yogi government, a total expenditure of Rs 6,15,518.97 crore is estimated in this financial year.
Out of this, Rs 4,56,089.06 crore is spent on Revenue Account, while Rs 91,739 crore is spent on Capital Account.
According to the government, after deducting the total expenditure, the loss is estimated at 24,567.26 crore.
According to the government, the net receipts from the Public Account are estimated at Rs.6000 crores.
At the same time, after the entire transaction, Rs 18,567.26 crore is estimated to be negative.
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This is fiscal deficit
If the opening balance is added to the account of Rs 40,550.03 crore, then the closing balance is estimated at Rs 21,982.77 crore. The revenue saving is estimated at Rs 43,123.65 crore. At the same time, the fiscal deficit is estimated at Rs 81,177 crore 97 lakh (Rs 81,177.97 crore). Which is 3.96 percent of the estimated Gross State Domestic Product for the year.

What did Yogi say on the budget?

After the budget speech, CM Yogi Adityanath said in a press conference that CM Yogi said that this budget will serve as a vision for inclusive development for the next 5 years of the state. This budget is the biggest ever. We have expanded the scope of revenue. We got more than 36 thousand 231 crore revenue in excise. Similarly, revenue of 2664 crores was received in mining. He said that the state has increased its revenue, as a result of which the per capita income has increased. The Reserve Bank increased the loan limit for the states. Even after Uttar Pradesh has brought the budget of every section of the society, we are still below the scope of taking that loan. We will be a partner in achieving 1 trillion economy.
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CM Yogi mentioned about the inclusion of many schemes in the budget. They told…

Provision of 2 gas cylinders was made to the beneficiaries of Ujjwala scheme.
Provision of Bhamashah scheme for farmers, funds have been arranged for crops like potato, onion, tomato.
We had already made an action plan to promote natural farming, for that testing labs have been established in every commissionerate, the target of natural farming is in Bundelkhand in the next 5 years.
The goal is to give the scheme of irrigation system to the farmers for free, for this we have a plan of solar panels under PM Kusum Yojana.
A scheme has been introduced to give the benefit of MSP to the farmers.
Under the Nishadraj Board, a scheme has been introduced for the boaters to buy boats.
The scheme of Garib Kalyan Card has been introduced.
Place has been given in the budget for the action plan of employment self employment.
MBBS, PG seats have increased, budget provision has been made for this,
The formation of a priestly welfare board for elderly priests and saints was also included.
Implemented the Swami Vivekananda empowerment scheme for the youth, for this space was given in the budget.
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Special emphasis on capacity expansion of sugar mills
CM Yogi further said that the provision of budget in mass marriage scheme, scheme has been brought for destitute women. Budget released for Mukhyamantri Abhyudaya Yojana for competitive examinations. The state did pioneering work for the sugar industry, we did not allow the sugar mills to be closed even during the corona period. We established 3 new sugar mills, Ramala, Munderwa sugar mills are included in this. There is an action plan for capacity expansion of sugar mills, Umbrella, Budhwal, etc. mills are included in this. The CM said that the Prayagraj Kumbh of 2019 has left a mark in the country and the world. We are already preparing for 2025. It was also arranged separately in the budget. Folk art is a distinct culture of folklore. For the upliftment of languages ​​like Awadhi, Bundeli, Brajbhasha, Bhojpuri, space was given in the budget for the establishment of an academy.
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Other than this…
Provision and budget were kept for the construction of foot street, ropeway and metro in Varanasi.
A new scheme and budget has been kept in the memory of former Chief Minister Kalyan Singh ji, Babuji Kalyan Yojana.
The place of Maharishi Valmiki has been given to Chitrakoot, Tulsidas’s land Rajapur and others have been given place in the budget for development.
There is a provision in the budget for the provision of smart classes in the college.
There is space in the budget for a mini stadium in rural areas.
We have done good work under Mukhyamantri Kanya Sumangala Yojana in the first term, for that also there is a provision in the budget.
Special place was given to pension for disabled welfare.
To develop sports talent in the urban areas along with the rural areas of the state, the budget has been given.
There is also space in the budget to provide employment to the people at the local level.
There is a provision in the budget for the youth to start their own startup.
A budget provision was made for the development of industrial corridors on the expressway for infrastructure.
Arrangements have been made for the General Bipin Rawat Defense Corridor in Bundelkhand.
Jal Jeevan Mission has an action plan to implement Har Ghar Nal Yojana in rural as well as urban areas, in the first phase, the scheme is going on in Bundelkhand and Vindhya region.
There is a provision of budget for the formation and development of women police battalion.
There is a provision for establishment of Anti Corruption Unit in 8 divisions of the state.

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