Uncle reduced 27 Kg weight by reducing carb from diet, now looks younger than before


It is often said that age is just a number. That is, a person can achieve anything at any age. Be it in terms of fitness or financial matters. To do anything, it is necessary to have a passion and a whims. One such insistence was sitting Dayanand Ganji, who was from a military background. Overweight himself often hurt Dayanand.

Because of which he decided to lose weight. For this, he completely excluded carbs from his diet and made a strict exercise schedule. After this the results started showing in no time, and on seeing Dayanand reduced the weight of 27 kg. At the age of 48, let us know how the journey of making himself fit from fat was completed. Only through Dayanand ji.

  • Name – Dayanand Ganji
  • Profession – Service Project Manager
  • Age – 48 years
  • Length – 174 cm
  • Max Weight -97kg
  • Weight loss – 27 kgs
  • Weight loss time – 4 months and 15 days

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This is how the weight loss journey started

Dayanand tells that in the year 2019 he was in Dubai and wanted to do skydiving. But he could not do it because of his overweight. Due to which he also felt very embarrassed. It was only after this that he started his weight loss process. in this he carbs from your diet thrown out completely. After this, when his weight started decreasing, he started exercising. At the same time, he started cooking his own food. After which he fell from 97 kg to 69 kg. Let’s know what are their weight loss secrets

such was the diet

  1. Breakfast – Sprouts, eggs, gram, cheese, moong dal dosa, ragi dosa. Any one of these items plus fresh fruit juice.
  2. Lunch – Fish, chicken, vegetables, lentils, or chicken soup etc.
  3. Dinner – saladSoup and fruit
  4. Pre – Workout Meals – sometimes before evening workout black coffee Used to take
  5. Post-workout meal After morning workout he used to have breakfast and in evening after workout he used to have lemonade and dinner.
  6. cheat day meal He did not consume simple carbs. Apart from this, he used to consume chicken and rice once in two weeks.
  7. Low Calorie Recipe – Fish and Vegetables, Sprouts and Ragi Dosa

hard thing to gain weight

He says that he was from a military background. In such a situation, his being overweight had become a reason for embarrassment for him. He wanted to be fit, and this desire forced him to work harder.


Dayanand says that for the first three months of losing weight, he did 60 minutes of walking and running every day. After this he did 30 minutes of muscle training and abs workout. He says that he kept the same routine both in the morning and in the evening. He used to do both weight training and cardio exercises.

fitness secrets

He states that his during the weight loss journey He understood the importance of total calorie intake and consumption. Apart from this, lemonade helped him in his weight loss goal and that is how he lost his weight.

change in lifestyle

He says that he used his free time. At the same time, he completely gave up on tasty, spicy food. Apart from this, he stopped hanging out with his friends.

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Disclaimer: What worked for the author may not necessarily work for you. So avoid blindly following the diet-workout mentioned in this article and find out what works best for your body.

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