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UK Laser Weapons: Britain will destroy Russia’s hypersonic missiles in a few seconds, making laser guns

London/Moscow: Britain is now going to make laser guns due to the use of hypersonic missiles of Russia in the war of Ukraine. Britain’s Defense Ministry has set aside a huge budget of £130 million to build a ‘Directed Energy Weapon’. This laser gun can be deployed on any warship, aircraft, helicopter and combat vehicle. This laser and radio frequency weapon does not require any explosives.

This laser gun of Britain will work on electricity and it can be deployed in warships. This will emit a high energy light beam. It will destroy enemy missiles and drones in a jiffy. Radio frequency weapons can disrupt or render enemy computers and electronic equipment in a matter of seconds. Britain’s Navy warships will test these new weapons by the year 2023. If this test is successful, they will be deployed on the war front in the next decade.
Russia is about to convert ‘defeat’ into victory in Ukraine war! Putin will become ‘baazigar’ by taking down the robot army
Many layers of laser rays will come out at once
These new weapons will be deployed along with the already existing weapons. Drones and fighter jets can be destroyed with the help of current laser weapons. Apart from this, mortar shells can also be destroyed with the help of laser rays. However, laser weapons made in the future will be more powerful and several layers of laser rays will come out at once. Britain has announced the creation of these laser weapons at a time when Russia is not only continuously testing hypersonic missiles but also using them in Ukraine.

Russian President Putin has said that his country will continue to develop state-of-the-art weapons. This includes hypersonic missiles. Russia has also presented some new destructive weapons to the world after Putin alerted its nuclear army. Russian state media has also warned of use against Britain. These weapons also include Russia’s Poseidon underwater drone, which can bring a nuclear tsunami.


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