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Those who invest in Catcoin will be rich! – News

Blockchain network is becoming a popular industry globally. Experts believe that the next generation of the Internet, which has been named as Web 3.0, will be based on decentralized networks and blockchains. In view of this, many entrepreneurs are looking for opportunities in the world of blockchain. It also includes the name of cryptocurrency, in which new tokens are being added day by day.

There are many types of coins in cryptocurrencies as well. There are some stable coins that are pegged to the US dollar. There are also some mime coins which are meme based. There are also some coins that sound alike but are actually not. One of these coins is also Catcoin. This Also called. Catcoin is a cryptocurrency based on the theme of the cat. Earlier, many coins were launched on the theme of dog in the world of cryptocurrency, in which the names of dodgecoin, shiba inu, floki in etc.

Catcoin They have been pitted against Doge themed coins in cryptocurrencies. It is a digital currency based on the Binance Smart Chain. Catcoin has been launched with a limited token supply. The market supply of Catcoin is said to be 100,000,000,000,000,000 (1 trillion) tokens. It is a deflationary cryptocurrency. Which means that as it gets old, its total supply will also go down with time.

Inflation is low in Catcoin compared to other cryptocurrencies. Its value will increase with time. There are high chances that in the future Could prove to be the next Shiba Inu. Catcoin was a coin when it was launched. But now it has become a token. Know here that a token is a medium to transfer value in a decentralized platform such as a blockchain. Tokens can be used in many ways, such as as an asset, as a currency, or even as a reward for doing something on the blockchain.

A special feature of this coin is that unlike Dodgecoin and Shiba Inu, it can be used in many ways and it supports multiple utilities. Investors who invest in Catecoin can earn up to 15% Annual Percentage Yield (APY). That is, with this token every year, you can get a return of up to 15 percent on your investment.
dodgecoin And shiba inu As such the use of MIME cryptocurrency tokens is limited. You cannot use them for other services whereas this is not the case with Catcoin. This token can also be used for Play-to-Earn, NFT and Metaverse functions. Not only this, when the holder uses it in any transaction, then 2 percent is received as return. These benefits available with Catcoin are not found in Doge themed Dogecoin and Shiba Inu tokens. That’s why it is being called the Dodge and Shib of 2022 which seems to be coming true.

How is Catcoin different from other cryptocurrencies?

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, 97 percent of catcoins are available for purchase by the public.
3 percent of the total supply has been kept as a reserve for the purpose of marketing.
The Catcoin system charges 8 percent for every sell. Out of this, 6 percent is reserved for liquidity. This means that users have more chances to buy catcoins.
Catcoin can be traded on exchanges like Pancakeswap or Coingecko.
It can be stored in a digital wallet. These are kept securely in the wallet until they are used for purchase or for trading on any crypto exchange.

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