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This machine makes water by pulling air, that too FREE – News

New Delhi. Air to water machine has been launched. Israeli company Waterge has partnered with Indian SMV Jaipuria Group. The company also has big plans for India. The company will make these water generators in India itself and will be exported to other countries from here. However, no last date has been given by the company as to when this plan will be implemented.

After launching the product, the company said that it will work on a 50-50 joint venture. With this, work will be done to overcome the problem of water in the country. The company is expected not to speak to the government and other entities so far. The work of forming a company will be similar to that of an air conditioner. In this the air will be cooled and the moisture will be removed and separated from it. Water will be generated from this entire process, which will be potable.

How much electricity does it consume?

The Genny Home consumes no more than 500W or 0.5 units of power. It consumes less electricity than your refrigerator. Gen-M1, Pro and L are aimed at Large Institution, Resort, University. Talking about Gen-L, the company claims that this machine gives 6000 liters of water per day. It also has an external tank attached. Watergen’s machine also comes with a filtration system, which also ensures PM2.5 filters and ultraviolet. This is the reason why water remains potable.

The company claims that its products meet food-grade standards and other minerals as well. According to the reports, the price of this product can be up to Rs 2.5 lakh. This product can also prove to be very beneficial in places with high water consumption. Also, it will help a lot in places with water scarcity. The output of the machine also depends on the humidity and the ambient temperature.

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