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This girl’s body was spread like ginger, then follow this secret diet to reduce 21 Kg

Pragya Pandav Kataria, a resident of Gujarat, was of lazy nature. Not only this, she was also very less involved in physical activity. Due to these bad habits, his weight increased to 69 kg. However, she had become quite comfortable with her weight. But there came a time when she realized that she could not walk for even 10 minutes with her husband. It was indeed a huge blow for 29-year-old Pragya. Since then he started his fitness journey and lost 21 kg in just 10 months. So let’s know how hard Pragya worked to become fitter and how was her weight loss journey.

  • Name- Pragya Pandav Kataria
  • Age – 30 years
  • Profession- Diet Diet Expert and Yoga Instructor
  • City- Gujarat
  • Heaviest Recorded Weight – 69 kg
  • Reduced weight – 21 kg
  • Weight loss time – 10 months

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When did the turning point come?

Pragya says that I always used to joke that exercising is not my thing. I hated moving my body. I was addicted to fast food and at the same time I was also very lazy. Because of all these unhealthy habits myThe weight increased a lot.

I’ve been obese since high school. There came a time when I could not walk with my husband even for 10 minutes. We had gone for a walk. All our friends reached the destination but my husband had to return because of me. I felt very bad at that time. That was the turning point of my life, when I realized that my lifestyle is unhealthy has occurred.

how was the diet

  1. Morning drink- plain water
  2. Breakfast- Idli-sambar/besan chilla/paneer paratha/Moong Dal Cheela
  3. Lunch- Lentils, white rice, vegetables, roti, salad
  4. Snack- Chana Chaat/Peanut Chaat
  5. dinner- Idli with Sambar/Khichdi/Homemade Sandwich/Home Made Pizza Cheese.
  6. Pre-workout meal seasonal fruit
  7. post workout mealprotein shake and boiled potatoes

workout regimen

Pragya gets into workout routine in the second month of her weight loss journey jogging And included 30 minutes of yoga. In the third month, he focused on jumping rope and 60 minutes of strength training in his workout routine. I could feel that I was enjoying it.

fitness secret-

Life for Pragya means balance. According to him, excess of anything is harmful, so moderation is necessary in both, whether it is food or exercise.

diet tips

Pragya says that I did not stop eating any kind of food during the weight loss journey. I enjoyed everything from paneer to rice, potatoes, mangoes. During weightloss, I regularly consumed 4 liters of water. She says you should be mindful of your food intake and physical activity.

What changes did you make in the lifestyle?

Pragya says that initially I had reduced the intake of junk and processed food by 50 percent. Started walking at a slow pace for 15 minutes every day. Doing just these two things started having a positive effect on my body. My strength and stamina also started increasing. In the second month, I planned a balanced diet according to the need of my body. I did not give up eating anything except food products. People around me still can’t believe that I am the same girl who could not walk even for 15 minutes, now she can run for hours.

Disclaimer: This article is for general information only. It cannot in any way be a substitute for any medicine or treatment. Always contact your doctor for more details.

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