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These things are most searched on Google! You too will be surprised to see! – News

Weirdest Google Search: We are going to tell you about some such strange statements and questions which have been searched the most on Google. Come and know..

Top Weirdest Google Searches: Google is such a search engine where people get the answer to their every question, whether it is on any topic. Along with the important things, many people also keep searching for strange things on Google. Today we are going to tell you about some such strange things that people have searched on Google. Let us know what these things are.

People search these things related to cats

A Google search that is quite common is ‘my cat wants to kill me’. Many people feel that their pet cat is very dangerous and she wants to kill them. They search a lot about this. People also search that they have accidentally killed their cat in the dryer, what should they do now? In fact, many such incidents have been seen that cats sleep in the dryer of the house and due to this such accidents happen.

People ask these questions about animals

It has come to the fore in many reports that people search on Google that there is a deer in their car and what should they do about it. In today’s time, many people keep dogs and in such a common Google search, whether dogs should be put on wigs or not. There is also a strange Google search, ‘What do I do if a dolphin wants to have sex with me?’

Here are some more strange Google searches

People want to know if young children are dishwasher-safe? They mean whether or not kids can wash them in the dishwasher with utensils. People ask Google if they are blood suckers ie vampires? Many people have also searched whether there is a magical way by which they can become a real mermaid.

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