There is a lot of theft happening in this area of ​​America, railways are afraid to take the container to the goods train.


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Thefts have increased a lot in Los Angeles, USA these days. Packets are being stolen from the delivery vehicles of people placing orders for online purchases and their cartoons are being opened and thrown on railway tracks. Due to this kind of robbery happening in thousands every day, it seems that those who would have ordered to buy the goods would never reach them.

In the recent past, such incidents have increased significantly and the police is also taking swift action. In Los Angeles and California, empty cardboard packets are spread in such large numbers along railway tracks that their photos and videos have started going viral on social media.

Rail company fears

Shipping companies say they have seen a sharp increase in the number of such thefts in the recent past. Such boxes are from companies like UPS, Amazon and FedEx. If we talk about the country’s largest railroad company, Union Pacific has said that it is now refraining from transporting goods to Los Angeles County due to increasing incidents of theft.

160% more theft than last year

Union Pacific wrote a letter to the Los Angeles district attorney last month, saying they saw a 160% increase in courier packet thefts this year compared to last year. The company has claimed that in December 2020, District Attorney George Gascon issued a special directive, due to which the punishment for petty offenses and the punishment was reduced due to it. Due to this a sharp increase has been registered in such cases. Union Pacific wrote in its letter that in the last 3 months of last year, 100 criminals who robbed the train have been arrested.

Not only theft, but also robbery

Thieves in America have found a unique way. He waits till the long goods train stops on the track. They then climb onto the wagon of the goods train and easily cut off its lock with the help of bolt cutters. After that they open the parcel and see it. They don’t really touch the troublesome stuff to resell. Also, they don’t steal cheap stuff either. This includes Kovid-19 test kits, furniture or medicines etc. If we talk about the month of October last year, then the number of such thefts has increased by 356 percent compared to a year ago. Union Pacific has said that with the increase in the incidents of robbery in the railways, there has also been an increase in the incidents of robbery with the help of weapons and misbehavior with the employees doing duty in the moving train.

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