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The water crisis of Dandichi is the result of drying up of the eyes of the honorable, now will anything be done with the notice of the commission?


NHRC issues notices over water crisis in Nashik village: The water crisis of Dandichi Bari village of Nashik is going to shake the soul. This is the result of drying up of the eyes of the honorable. The situation is so dire that many new brides return home, unable to cope with the situation. Due to water crisis, these women have to travel long distances to fetch water. In some villages of Maharashtra, women are forced to put their lives at risk and even get down to 50 feet deep well for some water. It is another matter that the eyes and ears of the administration are closed. Now the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has taken cognizance of this. It has issued a notice to the Government of Maharashtra and the Union Ministry of Jal Shakti. The commission has said that every summer from March to June, women have to walk one and a half kilometers to fetch water from a nearly dried-up stream at the foot of a hill. It takes a lot of time. It has to be seen whether there will be any change in the conditions after the notice of the Commission.

The NHRC has said that the situation is that many families are hesitant to marry off their daughters to the men of the village. Due to severe water crisis in Dandichi Bari village, villagers have to struggle daily for every drop of water. According to the commission, if the news reported in the media is true, then it is a gross violation of the basic human rights of those people.

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Water scarcity in many villages
In many villages of Maharashtra, people are troubled by the scarcity of water. Dandichi Bari is also one of them. About 300 people live in this village. This village is located in Surgana taluka, about 90 km from Nashik. Hearing the name of this village, the girl’s people get scared. No one wants to marry his girl in this village. Women in the village have to struggle for water drop by drop. Happy married life is like a dream for the youth here. Women have to walk several kilometers for a pot of water.

In summer the situation becomes dire. The temperature usually touches 40 °C. After spending several hours, a little water can be arranged. One has to walk for one and a half kilometer to fetch water from dry stream. The struggle does not end only after walking in the rocky area and reaching the water source. However, one has to wait for hours for water to fill the cavity of the rock.

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water is treasure here
In 2008-09, three married women, tired of water scarcity, left the village within a few days of their marriage. Today the situation is that families are hesitant to marry their daughters to the men of the village. For the struggle of water, women also carry a bonfire or torch along with them. This protects them from wild animals. Water is the only treasure here. To tackle the steep trail, women have to hold torches in hand along with two pitchers of water on their heads.

At the moment it is clear that no one has taken care of his problem. Everyone is sitting with cotton in their ears. This can also be said because this problem is years old. After the notice of the Human Rights Commission, the Government of Maharashtra and the Union Ministry of Jal Shakti will have to see whether there is any change in the situation here.


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