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The scooter may be of any company, the cost of each Km will be only 70 paise; Just do this small task – News

Petrol prices in the country’s capital Delhi have exceeded Rs 105 per liter. At the same time, its price has reached Rs 120 per liter in different states of the country. Driving a car in the midst of rising petrol prices has become expensive, two-wheelers are costing more money. In such a situation, if you have a scooter, then the difficulties increase even more, because the mileage of all scooters like Activa, Jupiter, Maestro is around 40 to 45 Km / l. Now if you are told that the cost of running this scooter will be only 70 paise per kilometer, then you might not believe it. In this news, we are telling you how to increase the mileage of the scooter.

CNG kit will have to be installed in the scooter, whether
you have Honda Activa, TVS Jupiter, Hero Maestro, Suzuki Access or any other scooter. To increase their mileage, a CNG kit will have to be installed. Delhi-based CNG kit maker company LOVATO can get this kit installed in this scooter. Its cost is about 18 thousand rupees. The company claims that you will remove this expense in less than 1 year, because the difference between the price of CNG and petrol has come up to Rs 40.

The scooter will run on both petrol and CNG
it takes about 4 hours to install the CNG kit in the scooter, but it can also be run on petrol. For this, the company puts a switch, which switches from CNG mode to petrol mode. The company puts two cylinders in the front which is covered with black plastic. At the same time, the machine operating it fits in the lower part of the seat. That is, the Activa can be run on both CNG and petrol. Some graphics related to CNG are also installed on the Activa.

Disadvantages of
installing CNG kit There are also some disadvantages of installing CNG kit. First, the cylinder that is installed in this kit stores only 1.2 kg of CNG. In such a situation when after 120 to 130 kms you will need CNG again. At the same time, CNG stations are not easily available. It may be 10-15 or more kilometers away from your location. CNG may increase the mileage of the scooter, but it does not give pickup to the vehicle. In such a situation, on the way uphill, it will put a load on the engine of the car.

Note: Now many companies have come in the market to install CNG kit in the scooter. It also gives warranty on the CNG kit. Its cost may vary according to your city.

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