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The moon has been drawing water from the earth for billions of years, the new theory revealed about the formation of ice

Washington: Water is present in the form of ice under the stones on the moon. There are different opinions about where the water on the moon came from. But now a study says that water on the moon has reached from the earth itself. It has been said in this study that it may be that for billions of years, the Moon has been storing water from the Earth’s atmosphere in the form of ice in its craters.

The University of Alaska Fairbanks has said in its research that the water-forming ion is attracted by the Moon as it passes through part of the Earth’s magnetosphere. This research has been added as another theory regarding water on the Moon. Earlier, the theory of water formation has also been given by the collision of asteroids and the emission of oxygen and hydrogen ions by the Sun.

Water is equal to filling the eighth largest lake in the world
The team estimated that there are 840 cubic miles of surface water on the Moon that has escaped from Earth’s atmosphere. Researchers have said that this water is enough to fill Lake Huron in America, which is the eighth largest in the world.

Water is in the form of ice on the moon
Water is buried under the ice under the stones on the moon. They have been saved from the sun’s rays due to being under the stones and the magnetic field of the moon. Scientists believe that in the future when humans make colonies on the moon, then this ice will be the only source of water for them. Many satellites have detected ice in the crater on the polar regions of the Moon, where the temperature is minus 214 °C. However, solar winds reach here, which can break it down at the atomic level. That is why scientists are finding out how this ice has survived for millions of years.


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