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The month of June is special, after 18 years these 5 planets can be seen in the sky without binoculars – News

This month is very special for people interested in space. This month people will see 5 planets. The special thing is that they can be seen only with the eyes without binoculars. These five planets are Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. This very spectacular sight will be visible just before the sun rises towards the Eastern Horizon. To see this particular sight, people living in the Northern Hemisphere must look east and south, while those in the Southern Hemisphere should look east and north.

It is a common occurrence to see two or three planets in conjunction. But the conjunction of 5 planets will be a very special sight in itself. The last five planets were seen without binoculars in December 2004. This time Mercury and Saturn can be seen very close to each other in this sequence.

Sky & Telescope’s accordingThis sight should be visible throughout this month, but some dates are very special.

June 3-4 : In the morning of these two dates, the difference between the planets Mercury and Saturn will be the least. These planets will be visible only at a distance of 91 degrees. If you want to see this sight, then you will have only half an hour. After the Sun is completely illuminated, the planet Mercury will be lost in its glare.

June 24 : On this day, the sight of the planets is going to be even more special. On this day you will have one hour to see the planets. However, on this day the distance between Mercury and Saturn will increase to 107 degrees. The real fun will come from the moon seen between Venus and Mars.

Astronomers have said that people have plenty of opportunities to see these five planets, but if the weather is bad or there are more clouds in the sky, then this fun can be gritty. Those who want to see this sight, they have to get up early in the morning. Also, one has to move towards such a place from where the sky can be scanned in a better way.

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