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The friendship of the bungalow will overshadow the enmity that has been going on since 1802! How is the Scindia-Digvijay relationship apart from politics?


Bhopal: Union Minister of Civil Aviation Jyotiraditya Scindia Now in Bhopal Digvijay Singh have become neighbors. The bungalow that Scindia got in Bhopal is next to Digvijay’s house. Since then, the relationship between these two stalwarts of politics is once again in discussion. Digvijay’s feud with the Scindia family in politics is not hidden from anyone. Despite being in the same party, their hearts were never united and now their political commitments are also different. In the midst of all this, a statement by Dr Govind Singh, another staunch opponent of Scindia and Leader of Opposition, has shocked everyone. Govind Singh said two days ago that there is no enmity between Scindia and Digvijay.

relationship of contrasts
The relationship between Scindia’s Gwalior State and Digvijay’s Raghogarh State has always been full of contradictions. The enmity between the two dates back to more than two centuries when the Raja of Raghogarh was working for revenue collection for the Gwalior princely state. Raghogarh was under the princely state of Gwalior. That’s why the enmity never came out in the open. In politics too, the relationship between the Scindia family and Digvijay has remained the same. Jyotiraditya’s father Madhavrao Scindia also considered Digvijay as his political enemy. Despite this, when Jyotiraditya entered politics after his death, Digvijay had given him open support and described him as a chiseled diamond.

Enmity started in 1802
In the year 1802, Maharaj Daulatrao Scindia of Gwalior defeated Jai Singh, the seventh king of Raghogarh princely state. After this the Raghogarh royal family came under the princely state of Gwalior. The beginning of sourness in the relations of both the families is considered to be from here.

Raghogarh royal family came first in politics
After independence, the princely state of Raghogarh took the first entry in politics. In 1951, the then Raja of Raghogarh and Digvijay Singh’s father Balbhadra Singh contested and won the elections. On the other hand, the Scindia gharana entered politics in 1957 when Jyotiraditya Scindia’s grandmother Vijayaraje Scindia contested from Guna parliamentary constituency. In 1971, Digvijay Singh entered politics and won the elections. After the assassination of Raja of Bastar in 1966, Vijayaraje Scindia left the Congress and joined the Jana Sangh. In 1971, Jyotiraditya’s father Madhavrao Scindia also entered politics.

changed in 1993
However, at that time the Scindia family had more influence in politics. Vijayaraje was an influential leader of the Jana Sangh, while Madhavrao was continuously moving ahead in the Congress with the help of Sanjay Gandhi’s friendship. Madhavrao was a contender for the post of CM when the Congress government was formed in MP in 1993, but Digvijay won with the help of Arjun Singh. Madhavrao regretted it till his death. At the same time, it was said in the politics of MP that the Raghogarh royal family avenged their defeat from the Gwalior royal family.

Scindia could not stop himself after seeing the potter driving, a lamp was made amidst the applause of the workers

Diggy repeated the story in 2018
This rivalry, which started from the battlefield, turned into animosity in politics. Madhavrao Scindia never trusted Digvijay, but he never spoke openly about it. Digvijay Singh was also always ready to slap the Scindia family, but did not lack in respect when confronted. Jyotiraditya Scindia also followed the path of his father and was the leader of his own faction in Congress apart from Digvijay. In 2018, when Jyotiraditya’s turn came to become the Chief Minister, Digvijay again turned the tables. With his support, Kamal Nath became the Chief Minister and after a year and a half, Jyotiraditya left the Congress and joined the BJP. Once again Digvijay was a big reason for this.

Party changed, openly protest started
The conflict in the relationship did not end even after this. The immediate reason for Jyotiraditya leaving the Congress was that he wanted to become the first candidate of the Congress in the Rajya Sabha elections. Digvijay did not let him succeed in this. Yet, when both of them reached the house after winning, they met as if there was no enmity. Not only this, after a few days Digvijay said in the house that Scindia should be in any party, my blessings are with him. On the other hand, they also openly accused the Scindia household of cheating in their meetings. People of BJP used to make the same allegation against Jyotiraditya while he was in Congress. On the other hand, Jyotiraditya also started calling him Mr. Bantadhar like BJP.

the story is yet to come
After becoming neighbors in Bhopal, discussions of friendship between the two may have started, but just before this, a big meeting of Congress was held in Gwalior. In the meeting, Digvijay Singh was given the command of Mission Scindia of Congress. That is, in the coming elections, Diggi will be the biggest face to compete with Scindia. It is clear that the feud between the two families has become a part of their politics. The animosity between the two may not be visible in personal relations, but the story of enmity between the two royals is not over yet. Its final chapter is yet to be written.

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