The embassy called Psaki’s statement about the “invasion” of the Russian Federation into Ukraine a stuffing


Statements by White House press secretary Jen Psaki that Russia will start a military operation on the territory of Ukraine this month is a real information stuffing and psychological pressure on Moscow.

As the Russian Embassy in Washington noted, two briefings on the Ukrainian issue were held on the same day (January 14) in the US administration and the Pentagon.

Russian diplomats draw attention to the fact that the Americans are already describing scenarios of provocations in detail, naming the dates for the eventual start of “operations.” “There is no evidence, as usual,” the diplomatic mission said in a statement. Posted in Facebook.

The embassy added that the scheme is the same every time: there is a “stuffing” of a sensation, which then, repeated many times by the press, turns into the main newsbreak. “Moscow is in favor of a diplomatic solution to all international problems,” the representative office of the Russian Foreign Ministry reminded.