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Tata Nexon EV Max Vs Nexon EV: What is the difference between new and old Nexon Electric, understand in 10 points – News

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Tata Nexon EV Max Vs Nexon EV:
Tata Motors has recently launched Tata Nexon EV Max in the Indian market. It is a longer range version of the standard Nexon EV. The new Nexon EV’s bigger battery, better power and torque and other features make it very different from the old Nexon EV. The driving range and price of the Nexon EV Max also increase. It attracts the customers with new features and range. Here we bring you 10 differences between the standard Nexon EV and the new longer range Nexon EV Max.

Nexon EV Max: Priced Rs 1.54 lakh more
The Nexon EV Max is available in two trims – XZ+ and XZ+ Lux, with ex-showroom prices ranging from Rs 17.74 lakh to Rs 19.24 lakh. Both these trims are available with a 3.3kW AC charger and a powerful 7.2kW AC charger. Meanwhile, the standard Nexon EV comes in three trims, which are XM, XZ+ and XZ+ Lux, with only a 3.3kW AC charger. Hence, comparing the variants of both the models with 3.3kW AC charger, the Nexon EV Max is up to Rs 1.54 lakh more expensive than the standard model. Meanwhile, the 7.2 kWh AC charger-equipped variant of the Nexon EV Max is Rs 2.04 lakh more expensive than the older Nexon EV.

Nexon EV Max: Battery bigger than 10.3kWh
The biggest highlight of the Nexon EV Max is clearly its large battery pack which is now a 40.5kWh unit, which is 10.3kWh more than the 30.2kWh battery pack of the old Nexon EV. The 40.5kWh battery pack has 30 percent more cells than the standard model, making it longer and wider than the smaller battery pack.

Nexon EV Max: Range extended to 125km
Bigger battery pack gives more range. The Nexon EV Max has a claimed range of 437km by ARAI which is 125km more than the 312km range of the standard model. While the actual range is yet to be tested. According to some testing cycles, the regular Nexon EV gives a range of 201 kms on the highway and 216 kms in the city.

Nexon EV Max: 7.2kWh fast charging option
In terms of charging, it takes around 10 hours to fully charge the 30.2kWh battery on the standard Nexon EV from a 3.3kW AC charger. However, due to the bigger 40.5kWh battery in the Nexon EV Max, the same 3.3kW AC charger takes 15-16 hours to fully charge it. But if the 7.2kW AC charger variant is used, then this charging time is reduced to just 5-6 hours.

Nexon EV Max: More power and torque
Tata Motors has also increased the power and torque outputs in the Nexon EV Max, which now clocks in at 143hp and 250Nm, up 14hp and 5Nm over the standard Nexon EV. In terms of performance, the older Nexon EV can do 0-100kph in 9.3 seconds, while the Nexon EV Max can cover it in under 9 seconds.

Tata Nexon EV Max Vs Nexon EV 5

Nexon EV Max: Many new features
The Nexon EV Max has also been upgraded in terms of features compared to the standard model. The EV gets illuminated gear knob with park mode, electronic parking brake with auto-hold, air purifier, wireless charger, cooled seats, multi-drive mode and hill descent control. Apart from this, it also gets smartwatch integration and cruise control with advanced ZConnect 2.0 connected car technology with 48 features.

Nexon EV Max: Adjustable region braking
The Nexon EV Max gets multi-mode region with 3 levels of braking, which helps in maximum region level in single-pedal driving. While the older Nexon EV also gets regenerative braking, it is non-adjustable. Any brake can completely turn off regeneration. It also improves safety with an ESC that prevents wheel spin, something that has been a favorite of the older Nexon EVs.

Tata Nexon EV Max Vs Nexon EV 4

Nexon EV Max: Design Changes
Talking about the cosmetic changes, the difference between the two models is clearly very less. The Nexon EV Max gets a new dual-tone five-spoke alloy wheel design. It also gets a dual-tone paint scheme as standard, and is offered with a special, new intense steel paint shade option. On the interiors, the Nexon EV Max gets a unique beige theme, which will not be available on the standard model.

Nexon EV Max: Weight 100 kg more
The Nexon EV Max is about 100 kg heavier than the older model, of which 70 kg is due to the bigger battery and 30 kg is due to the extra device. Tata Motors has tuned the springs and dampers to handle the extra weight along with customizing the floor to accommodate the larger battery.

Tata Nexon EV Max Vs Nexon EV 3

Nexon EV Max: 10mm less ground clearance
With the increase in battery depth, the ground clearance on the Nexon EV Max has dropped by 10mm as compared to the older model. However, the big battery doesn’t go into the boot space, as the Nexon EV Max offers the same 350 liters of boot space as the older model.

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