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take precaution! These 7 Android Apps are stealing Facebook passwords, delete them immediately from the phone – News

Technology is changing rapidly and now any small task is completed through Smartphone. at the moment Google Play Store But thousands in each category Mobile Apps And many times it also happens that without thinking anything, any app is simply downloaded in their phone. This one mistake becomes very heavy later and people become victims of fraud.

In the recent report of Trend Micro, some such Android Apps It has been told that spyware named Facestealer has been found. This spyware is stealing the personal or personal details of Android smartphone users. What are these apps, see their names and then ask yourself this question – are you also using any of these mobile apps? If the answer is yes, then immediately delete these apps from your phone.

Android Apps: Delete these apps

Enjoy Photo Editor
Daily Fitness OL
Photo Gaming Puzzle
Panorama Camera
Business Meta Manager
Swarm Photo
Cryptomining Farm Your own Coin

If any of the above mentioned apps are present in your phone, then uninstall the app immediately. This is because Malware i.e. a kind of virus has been found in them which can be infected by the users. Facebook Asks permission to log in and then steals other information like credentials of users by inserting JavaScript code.

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