Supreme Court’s warning to the directors of Supertech – return the money to the home buyers by January 17 or else they will send you to jail




  • Supreme Court reprimands Supertech for its reluctance to demolish twin towers
  • Court’s warning – If you adopt tactics, you will send the directors to jail
  • Court asks flat owners to return Rs.
  • Request to file more documents on behalf of Noida Authority

New Delhi
The Supreme Court on Wednesday pulled up realty company Supertech Ltd for not complying with its order to demolish two 40-storey two towers in Noida. The court warned the court against sending the directors to jail for ‘playful’. The top court also took note of the cut in payments made to home buyers last year, asking the realty company to “fix everything” or be prepared to “face dire consequences”. It said that if the apex court felt that the company was using all means to ignore its order, it (court) would not tolerate it. The court said that the money should be returned to the flat owners by January 17, otherwise they will be sent to jail.

A division bench of Justice DY Chandrachud and Justice AS Bopanna ordered the Noida authority to file additional documents and file an affidavit, describing what happened today for the demolition of two towers of Supertech Ltd’s Emerald Court project. What steps have been taken till date? The bench took note of the submission of advocate Ravindra Kumar, appearing for Noida Authority, that initially Supertech Limited had proposed an agency for demolition of both the towers and a reference was made to CBRI for its approval, but At that stage, Supertech has put forward another proposal for the task.

Earlier, the bench told Supertech’s lawyer Parag Tripathi, ‘What has happened? We are going to send your directors to jail because they (directors) are running away from the orders of the top court. Tripathi said, “In this regard, there were two parties who had come up with a proposal to demolish the tower and now Noida has to take the decision. The matter is likely to come up for hearing on Monday. On this, the bench asked Noida’s lawyer Kumar what he had to say on Tripathi’s argument?

Kumar said both the parties involved Edphis Engineering, which made a presentation and after that CBRI had given some suggestions, which were sent to the tower demolition agency. They have decided to include them, and Noida has sent it to the Central Building Research Institute (CBRI) Roorkee for final approval.

He further added, “Now on January 9, 2022, Supertech has come out with another agency and has also informed about an action plan with them. So on January 9, we again contacted CBRI and said that Supertech has named another agency. Please check this also. We were in the selection phase of the first agency i.e. Edifice Engineering, but at this stage Supertech brings in another agency. I want to put this on record through additional affidavits and documents. Kumar said he would file the affidavit and additional documents by Wednesday.

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