Student massacre at the University of Tokyo


Several high school students taking entrance exams at the University of Tokyo were injured on Saturday in a knife attack by an intruder. According to the Asahi newspaper, the alleged assailant, a 17-year-old schoolboy, was arrested.

Public broadcaster NHK clarified that three people were injured on Saturday morning when another student attacked them with a sharp object. All teenagers were going to take the entrance exam. The Tokyo Police Department said it would not comment on the details of the attack in the interests of the investigation.

This weekend, about half a million high school students across Japan are taking annual entrance exams to hundreds of schools across the country.


Violent crime is extremely rare in Japan, but two high-profile knife crimes occurred in the country in 2021. In October, a man dressed as the Joker from the movie “Batman” injured more than ten people on a train in Tokyo, causing passengers to run screaming down the aisles and climb out of windows to escape. A few months earlier, another attacker had injured several people in a knife attack on a commuter train in Tokyo, Reuters recalled.