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Start bike in minutes without kick and self – News

New Delhi. If your bike is 200 cc or above, then sometimes kick is not offered in it, so you have to rely on self start. If the self start fails or the battery of the bike stops working then it cannot be started. However, there is a way by which you can easily start your bike and that too without much effort. If any such problem keeps on coming with you too, then today we have brought an easy trick for you to deal with it.

If your bike stops in the middle of the way and you want to start it without the kick self, then it can be done and for that you do not need to put much effort, you just have to learn a special technique And only with its help the bike can be started.

Can start with the help of tires

If you want, you can start the bike using a very special technique of bike tires. Although this may seem a bit difficult process in the beginning but in reality it is very easy and you can start your bike in less than a minute.

what is the process

For this, you have to first park your bike on the double stand and if you do not do this then you will not be able to start the bike. After putting the bike on the double stand, you have to put the bike on top gear. After doing this, you should rapidly rotate the rear tire of your bike forward. When you do this, the engine starts in the same way as you would with a kick start, by turning the tire forward two to three times faster, you can start the bike in minutes, although during this time turning the bike on at all Don’t forget.

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