“Somewhat surprised”: Novak responded to Gazprom’s accusations in the EU energy crisis


Gazprom is not to blame for the energy crisis in the European Union. In the current situation on the European gas market, there is no fault of Russia as a whole. This is how Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Alexander Novak commented on Gazprom’s accusations from the head of the International Energy Agency (IEA) Fatih Birol.

“Of course, I was somewhat surprised by the statement of the head of such a respected international organization as the IEA, which is trying to shift from a sore head to a healthy problem that European consumers have today. There is, of course, no fault here – neither Gazprom nor Russia in general “, – said Novak on the air”Russia 1“.

He explained that the gas crisis was caused by a long winter, due to which 67 billion cubic meters of gas had to be lifted from underground gas storage facilities, as well as a global economic recovery, which forced Qatari and American liquefied gas to go to the premium market in Asia, not Europe.

Two days earlier Fatih Birol declaredthat allegedly “due to the behavior of Russia in the European gas market, there is strong tension.” The head of the IEA considered that Gazprom could increase supplies to the EU by a third, but this is not happening. At the same time, Birol himself admitted that Gazprom fulfills its contractual obligations in full.

Meanwhile, Gazprom does not increase gas supplies to Europe only because there are no applications from European consumers, RG wrote earlier. Because of this, in the first weeks of January, one of the export routes – the Yamal-Europe pipeline – continues to stand idle or work in the opposite direction, despite the fact that the gas pipeline’s capacity was booked by Gazprom. The company’s losses from this are estimated at $2 million. Read about the reasons for Europe’s refusal to increase purchases from Gazprom in material “RG”.