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Shock to the scientists who claim that life is possible on Venus! Know what the new research is saying – News

Astronomers and researchers around the world are engaged in the search for life outside Earth. Some time ago a team of scientists pointed to the possibility of existence of life in the clouds of the planet Venus. In the year 2020, scientists revealed that they had found phosphine gas in the clouds of Venus, leading to speculation about the possibility of life on this planet. Other scientists also suggested that there could be life on Venus. However, a new analysis has dismissed these claims. This simply means that the search for signs of life on this neighbor of the Earth has been unsuccessful.

of experts according The chemistry of Venus is quite different from that of Earth. Its atmosphere is rich in sulfur, the concentration of which can reach 100,000 times the concentration of our planet. This study has been published in Nature Communications. The study team, led by astronomer Sean Jordan of the University of Cambridge, investigated the idea of ​​life on Venus, proving that the potential for life on this planet was unfounded.

According to Sean Jordan, he looked for sulfur-based food in the atmosphere of Venus as it is the main available energy source. Sulfur is produced on Earth through volcanoes. Sulfur is expected to be produced in the same way on Venus. In the new study, the researchers tried to model the chemical reactions and concluded that sulfur-based life was capable of reducing sulfur dioxide. Scientists also said that life is not responsible for the lack of sulfur dioxide in the upper atmosphere of Venus, but it should be investigated.

Significantly, researchers from Cardiff University, Cardiff University in Wales, created a stir by discovering the sources of phosphine phosphine in the atmosphere of Venus. He claimed that the discovery of this naturally occurring gas from the breakdown of organic matter on Earth on Venus could be a sign of life there. Although even then people questioned it. It was argued that the clouds of Venus are covering it in droplets of sulfuric acid. These drops can burn human skin.

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