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Scientists have reached that ‘treasure’ from where black holes come out, the mystery of our galaxy will be solved! – News

Black holes are believed to be present in the center of most galaxies including our galaxy and play a role in their functioning. Now a group of researchers has discovered the existence of massive black holes hidden in dwarf galaxies. Black holes are usually detected when they eat up the gas present around them, grow very fast and start glowing. Researchers believe that these black holes can give important information about the supermassive black hole present in the center of the galaxy.

Astronomers from the University of North Carolina (UNC)-Chapel Hill Department of Physics and Astronomy Research It is expected to get information on the black hole of our galaxy.

Our Milky Way is believed to have been formed by the merger of several small dwarf galaxies. But not much was known about whether all dwarf galaxies have a large black hole, so many scientists are trying to learn how black holes and galaxies develop together.

The study, published this week in the Astrophysical Journal, may help make up for this understanding. It has been written that it is common to have massive black holes in dwarf galaxies. However, they are difficult to detect, because the radiation emanating from those black holes becomes a big obstacle in this. Mugdha Polymera, lead author of the study and PhD student at UNC-Chapel Hill Told That this result has surprised them, because these black holes were hidden till now.

Study co-writer Professor Sheela Kannappan said that we see black holes only when they are illuminated. This gives us an indication of how many black holes we are not able to see. Kannappan said that the black holes that have been discovered have the same fundamental components as the supermassive black holes of our Milky Way. Scientists hope that through this discovery they will be able to understand about the origin of our galaxy. The benefit of this research is also expected to be found in many more researches.

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