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Scientists discovered the most dangerous heatwave ever, in 1998 this area of ​​the world had increased heat

Washington: All over the world it is getting hotter than normal at this time. In India, even warnings have been given for this. Meanwhile, scientists have detected the hottest heatwave ever. Scientists say that no one would have even guessed this heatwave decades ago. Experts from the University of Bristol say that in April 1998, this heatwave came in Southeast Asia.

At the same time, the heatwave recorded on June 29 in British Columbia, Canada last year is the sixth warmest ever. Its temperature was 49.6 °C. Dr Vicky Thompson, author of the research, said that we collected data on the temperature of 158 areas of the world from 1968 to 2021. We used a method that not only looked at the readings of the thermometer, but also looked at how heat waves act relative to local temperatures.

India’s heatwave may be the hottest
In their research, the authors said that with climate change in the future, more dangerous heatwaves are expected. Dr Thompson said, the recent heatwaves in Canada and the USA have shocked the whole world. Thompson said that the ongoing heatwave in India could also be the hottest ever, but it is too early to say.

When did the hottest heatwave occur?
The researchers found that the top three hottest heatwaves occurred in Southeast Asia in April 1998, Brazil in November 1985, and the southern USA in 1980. Thompson says that we did not know this because they came to such parts of the world due to which it did not show any special effect in the West or came to a place where they could not be monitored well or people were less.


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