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Schoolchildren taught Alice how to train users and run a life simulator – News

At the first All-Russian Online Olympiad in Informatics, participants created skills for Alice. In total, about 275 of them were received, and 199 of them have passed moderation and are already available to users: games, suggestions for controlling nutrition, scheduling tasks, and even for reading Telegram tapes aloud.

Almost 90 thousand students of 6-11 grades of Russian schools took part in the Olympiad. They did not need special training: it was enough to watch training videos. At the first stage, the teenagers programmed the rover, wrote code in Python and competed in logical thinking, and the second task was to develop new skills for the Yandex voice assistant using the Aimylogic constructor.

The hackathon participants proposed about 300 new skills for Alice. The winners were an RPG game, a memory simulator, weight loss exercises, calorie counting in the diet, a life simulator, personality type identification, a voice quest and reading aloud the tapes of Telegram channels. 199 skills have already appeared in the assistant’s catalog and are available to users.

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