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Russia’s Victory Day on May 9, Putin said – the attack in Ukraine will continue

moscow, The Russia-Ukraine War has reached the 68th day (Russia-Ukraine War). Many efforts are still being made to stop the war, but Russia has put an end to all of them. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has warned that we will not make any changes in military action in Ukraine in view of Victory Day. Our army will continue to attack. Russia’s statement came after former NATO chief Richard Sheriff warned the West to prepare itself for a worst-case scenario war with Russia in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Britain’s Defense Secretary Ben Wallace has also informed that Putin may use Russia’s Victory Day parade on 9 May to announce an increase in his reserves in the final fight against Ukraine.

Ukraine claims 4 villages of Kharkiv snatched from Russia, read 10 updates of war

Russia may announce on May 9
It is discussed that on May 9, Russia can announce the end of this ongoing war with Ukraine. Actually Russia has not been able to register victory over Ukraine even after 67 days. Most of his cities are still far from his possession. When Russia attacked Ukraine on 24 February, it claimed that it would defeat Ukraine in 5-6 days, but Ukraine has fought beyond expectation and so far Ukrainian troops are still in the war. Russia is suffering a lot in this war. On the other hand, Putin is also constantly surrounded by this war. In such a situation, Russia can now think of ending this war.

We are not asking Zelensky to surrender: Lavrov
Lavrov was asked by journalists whether Russia wanted Ukrainian President Zelensky to surrender. Responding to this question, Lavrov said that Moscow is not seeking surrender, but demands that it release all citizens imprisoned in eastern Ukraine and order the resistance to stop. Lavrov stressed that Russia seeks to ensure security for all peoples in eastern Ukraine, so that they are not threatened by the country’s militarization or Nazism, and that there is no threat to the Russian Federation’s security from the territory of Ukraine.

NATO soldiers started practicing between Ukraine and Russia, Poland made this appeal to the people

20 countries of NATO are doing maneuvers
Amidst the ongoing tension with Russia, 20 countries of NATO are conducting two exercises together. These exercises are being organized in eight countries of Europe including Poland. In this, in addition to hundreds of tank-cannons, missiles, warships and fighter planes, 18000 soldiers are taking part. After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, NATO has put all its commands on high alert and is continuously increasing military activities. Meanwhile, Finland and Sweden have also announced that they can soon join NATO.

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