Russia’s Threat – Our patience has run out, Western countries and NATO are proud, now what will happen to Ukraine?



  • Russia warns NATO about its terms amid Ukraine crisis
  • Russia said – the expansion of NATO in Ukraine and other former Soviet countries is not acceptable
  • Russia’s talks with America also failed, the crisis is likely to deepen

Russia has given a stern warning to the NATO alliance, including the US, amid the ongoing tension on the Ukraine border. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has said that our patience has run out. Western countries are proud and by not fulfilling their obligations they are increasing the tension. Lavrov also said that the deployment of NATO weapons near the Russian border would not be tolerated. In such a situation, Russia’s talks with the US and the European Union now appear to be failing.

NATO rejects Russia’s demand
Sergei Lavrov reiterated Russia’s demand that NATO would neither expand nor deploy forces in Ukraine and other ex-Soviet countries. He claimed it was necessary to step up diplomatic efforts to defuse the escalating tensions over Ukraine. However, this has been rejected by the NATO military alliance amid the gathering of Russian forces near Ukraine. After which Russia has said that it will not wait indefinitely for the response of Western countries.

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Russia said – NATO weapons are not accepted on the border
The Russian foreign minister said the deployment of NATO forces and weapons near Russia’s borders is a security challenge that must be addressed immediately. Our patience has run out. Western countries are full of arrogance and have raised tensions against their obligations and common sense. Lavrov said Russia expects Washington and NATO to respond in writing to its demands next week.

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Cyber ​​attacks on Ukrainian websites
Ukraine’s government websites have faced massive cyber attacks amid ongoing tensions with Russia. Due to this many government websites of Ukraine have had to be closed. Anger over Russia is also increasing in Ukraine. At the same time, Russia has said that it is free to deploy troops inside its border and no country should be afraid of this.

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Putin threatens not to cross the red line
A meeting between the US and Russia was also held in Geneva this week to reduce the tension on the Ukraine border. Apart from this, NATO and Russian officials also met in Brussels. Western countries fear that Russia may attack Ukraine at any time. However, Russia has denied any such plans. President Vladimir Putin himself has also said that the expansion of NATO in Ukraine and other former Soviet countries is a red line, which should not be crossed.