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Russia Nuclear Drill: Russia practiced nuclear strike amid Ukraine war, world stunned to see Putin’s tough attitude

Moscow: Russia Ukraine War (Russia Ukraine WarIt has been more than 70 days since it started. In this war, neither Russia seems to be winning nor Ukraine will lose. Although Russia’s nuclear strike exercises (Russia Nuclear Drill) has definitely increased the tension of western countries including America. Russia said on Wednesday that the Russian military conducted a mock nuclear-capable missile strike exercise in the western enclave of Kaliningrad amid a military operation in Ukraine.Russia Nuclear Missile Strike) has done. Kaliningrad (Russian Military in KaliningradIt is an important strategic military base of Russia located on the shores of the Baltic Sea. In such a situation, the whole of Europe is feeling the danger from the practice of nuclear missile attack in Kaliningrad.

Russian nuclear forces are on high alert
Russian President Vladimir Putin put his Strategic Nuclear Forces on high alert shortly after the announcement of a special military operation in Ukraine on 24 February. As soon as the President’s order was received, there was also a stir in the armies at almost all the military bases of Russia. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu himself told Putin that according to his orders, the Strategic Nuclear Forces went on high alert 24 hours a day. The leave of all the soldiers was canceled and they were also ordered to report immediately to their places of posting.

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Russian Defense Ministry announces nuclear strike practice
Russia practiced a simulated electronic launch of a nuclear-capable Iskander mobile ballistic missile system during a war game on Wednesday in an enclave on the Baltic Sea between EU members Poland and Lithuania, the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement. . The Russian military conducted a series of strikes and drills on missile system launchers, airfields, protected infrastructure, military equipment and simulated enemy command posts, the statement said.

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Full preparation to avoid retaliation after the attack
The Defense Ministry also reported that military personnel conducted an exercise to change their position to avoid a possible retaliatory strike after the “electronic” launch of a nuclear-capable missile. Not only this, the combat units of the Russian army also practiced defense in the event of radiation and chemical attacks. More than 100 soldiers participated in this exercise. However, they are still kept far away from the battlefield. Russia has already warned of dire consequences if Western countries intervened in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

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How powerful is the Iskander missile system
Russia’s Iskander missile system consists of short-range ballistic missiles. It was commissioned into the Russian Army in 2006. The NATO name of the Iskander missile system is SS-26Stone. The system is currently commissioned in the Russian Army, the Armenian Army and the Algerian Army. This missile can carry nuclear and non-nuclear warheads from 480 to 700 kg. Its missiles can fly at a speed of Mach 5.9.

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Iskander missile system includes a variety of weapons
The Iskander missile system consists of different types of weapons. This includes a cluster munition warhead, an earth penetrator for bunker busting and an electromagnetic pulse device for anti-radar missions. The missile of this system can also carry nuclear weapons. Russia included the Iskander missile to replace the Scud missile. The Iskander missile system, designed in 1988, was formally inducted into the Russian army in 2006.


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