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Regenerative braking charges electric car battery, know how the system works – News

When you depress your car’s brake pedal, the brake hydraulic brake pads create friction on the disc brakes or drum brakes on each wheel. The car slows down due to friction and in the process heat is generated from the brakes. Regenerative braking uses the energy released from the process of slowing a car to charge the car’s battery.

In an ordinary car the energy released during braking is wasted, but in an electric or hybrid car this energy can be used to charge the battery.

Regenerative braking systems are being provided in many modern cars these days. In petrol and diesel models, it is used to charge the batteries that run the different electronic components in the car. This reduces fuel consumption in the car. However, the use of regenerative braking is more important in electric and hybrid cars. In these models, brake regeneration helps to charge the larger battery in the car.

How does regenerative braking work?

In an electric or hybrid car, the electric motor in the car works in two ways – one to drive the wheels and accelerate the car, and the other to recharge the battery. When you depress the brake pedal by taking your foot off the accelerator of the car, the regenerative system is activated and starts charging the battery. For this, a regenerative system is installed on the motor of the car.

When this process starts, you can feel the car slowing down. Car companies program systems for regeneration in different ways. In this the intensity of regeneration is also programmed.

Can set as per convenience

Almost all electric and hybrid cars come with regenerative braking system to increase the range, but there may be slight differences in the way they are used. In fact, in most electric cars you can set the regeneration mode to your liking.

If you say that the car battery is overcharged, you can set Regeneration to the maximum setting. At the same time, if you do not like the car slowing down on its own and this makes it difficult for you to drive the car, then you can also stop it completely. The car’s brake light turns on only when the car is slowing down rapidly, even if you are not touching the brake pedal.

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