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Rarely Seen Shark Caught: A rare shark from the era of dinosaurs caught in Portugal, reigns in the sea for 80 million years

Lisbon: Fishermen in Portugal have caught for the first time a very rare shark dating back to the dinosaur era. There are 300 sharp teeth sharper than a nail in the mouth of this shark. Scientists believe that this extremely rare shark rules the sea for about 80 million years. this sea monster frilled shark is known as. Its length is said to be 5 feet. Due to the presence of frilled shark in the sea for so long, scientists also know this creature by the name of living fossil. This shark has been caught in the sea from a depth of 2000 meters.

This shark is present since the time of dinosaurs
Portuguese news channel SIC Noticisias TV reported that this fish has been handed over to researchers working with the European Union. These researchers are working with the EU to reduce the number of bycatch, or unwanted catches, as a result of commercial fishing. He told that since the time dinosaurs roamed the earth, frilled sharks have been swimming in the deep waters of the ocean. The huge jaws of this shark make squid and other fish easily prey.

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The body looks like a snake, it hunts with 300 sharp teeth
According to a statement from the Portuguese Institute for the Sea and Atmosphere, the researchers found that the body of the frilled shark is thin and long, which looks like a snake. Professor Margarida Castro from the University of Algarve told Sic Noticias that the shark’s 300 teeth help it to suddenly trap squid, fish and other sharks. Their teeth are so sharp that once trapped the creature cannot come out alive.

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This rare shark is hidden in the bottomless depths of the ocean
Frilled sharks are found in the deep areas of the Atlantic Ocean as well as in the Pacific Ocean off the coasts of Australia and Japan. Scientists have very limited information about this sea creature due to its small numbers and not being easily caught. It is not clear how long this fish survived after being taken out of the sea. Scientists told that frilled sharks hide in deep, dark and cold water. For this reason their presence is considered quite rare.


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