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Rajya Sabha Election 2022: Before the Rajya Sabha elections, Congress MLAs from Haryana are spending time by reading Ramayana and taking a walk.


Chandigarh\New Delhi: While Congress has barricaded its MLAs to save their Rajya Sabha (Rajya Sabha Election 2022) seats in Haryana and Rajasthan, on the other hand the MLAs staying in luxurious resorts are spending quality time. These days the MLAs of Haryana are staying in a resort located in Naya Raipur in Chhattisgarh. This resort is away from the urban population, surrounded by nature’s greenery and wild surroundings. Due to meeting the people of their areas on a daily basis, understanding their problems, participating in various political, social and other programs, the legislators do not have time for themselves. In such a situation, MLAs away from their routine habits are not only getting enough rest, but are also engaged in keeping themselves fit by adopting healthy routines. An MLA staying in the resort said that walking, swimming, gossiping among themselves, discussion on the upcoming plans of the party, political experiences related to senior leaders, how the time flies between stories, is not known.

The resort is said to be quite big. In such a situation, most of the MLAs travel for both the time. Many MLAs are also swimming here regularly. An MLA said that after coming here to go for afternoon sleep and rest, there is no realization of it in the midst of the whole day’s hustle and bustle. He said that the resort is so big and away from the city that it is not known how the time is passing here. If all the facilities needed are there, then there is no need to go out.

MLAs take part in Ramayana lesson

According to sources, it has become a rule in the midst of all this that Ramayana is being paralyzed here every day. Ramayan is recited for one and a half hours every day in the room of an MLA of religious nature, in which many MLAs are participating. Prasad is also distributed after the recitation. One MLA said that in the evening there is often a chaupal-like gathering of MLAs, in which apart from storytelling, there is talk about the party.

Watch out for any kind of burglary

Some of the MLAs had participated in the Chintan Shivir in Udaipur, the experiences and consultations gained from there are shared with the rest. Although all the MLAs have been kept away from the city, yet the managers have taken care that there should be no burglary between them. Along with these MLAs, some more people have also been sent from Haryana to Raipur. Who are keeping an eye on the facilities of their MLAs as well.

28 out of 31 MLAs have reached the resort
In fact, 28 out of 31 MLAs of Haryana have reached the resort. 27 MLAs had arrived on Thursday, while the 28th MLA Chiranjeev Rao, who could not reach due to his family reasons, also reached on Saturday. One of those who did not reach Raipur is Legislature Party leader and former CM BS Hooda, whose efforts and management led to the MLAs being taken to Raipur.

Fear of cross voting in Rajya Sabha elections, Haryana Congress MLA ‘under house arrest’ in Raipur

Kuldeep Bishnoi is angry
On the other hand, Kiran Chaudhary has not gone due to her health. While the third MLA Kuldeep Bishnoi is angry, who has spoken of voting on the voice of his conscience. It is said that talks are being held with him from Delhi side. According to sources, he has put a condition that till he does not meet Rahul Gandhi, he cannot give any assurance. Significantly, Rahul is not in the country at the moment.

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