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Pure politics: If the name of the President and Vice President came in the discussion for the election, then the leaf was cut


With the election of President and Vice President approaching, speculation has started regarding their proposed names. The most talked about two women candidates for this post. One is the former governor, and the other is the current governor. At the same time, the discussion of a Governor of the South is also in full swing for the post of Vice President. With his appointment, PM Modi wants to give a big message. Apart from this, there is a lot of discussion in the political circles about half a dozen names. NDA has so many numbers, from which it can choose names for these posts as per its choice without any pressure. In the midst of these discussions, none of the potential names want to even discuss their candidature. He is trying his best that at least there should be no news about this in the media. There has been a trend during the eight years of the Modi government that the decision in the appointment of such posts is shocking. The name that is being discussed – a completely different name is final from that. In 2017, a senior BJP leader had given a statement in the media regarding his candidature for the post of Vice President, after which his name was cut from the probable list.

Who is next from G-23

Kapil Sibal, the most prominent speaker of the disgruntled Congress faction G-23, finally left the Congress. Now he is on the way to become a Rajya Sabha MP with the support of the Samajwadi Party. Since then, the question is arising that after him, who will be the next leader from the G-23 faction to leave the Congress? There was a round of speculation on this that on Tuesday, news came that another senior leader of the faction was going to meet the National President of BJP. The meeting was reported to be held after the Congress released the list of Rajya Sabha tickets. Senior leaders are associated with the state where assembly elections are to be held soon. But later the news of their meeting did not prove to be true. Now people close to him claim that the possibility of the meeting was explored and it is still in talks. At the same time, the Congress top leadership is also in constant touch with him and is citing his role in winning the elections in the state.

Plan-B of RCP

These days inquiries are going on in the political corridors whether JDU leader RCP Singh has not got a Rajya Sabha seat. Now when will he leave the post of minister in the central government? Amidst the ongoing political turmoil in Bihar, experts believe that this decision will also decide the politics of the state. Nitish Kumar wants RCP Singh to leave the ministerial post immediately. However, RCP Singh did not give a clear indication about this in the media interaction and said that he will decide something about it only after meeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Now if he continues in the ministerial post, the message will go that BJP has a Plan-B for him. His term ends on July 6 and after that he can continue as a minister for 6 months without being an MP. BJP intends that the President takes some initiative in this matter only after the election, till then it does not want to upset Nitish Kumar in any way.

their time has come

Young leaders who have been angry for the last three years in a Congress-ruled state are looking upbeat these days. His activism has increased from Delhi to his state. In fact, the central leadership has signaled to them that now their time has come. The discussion of getting him a bigger role as per his wish has also gained momentum. This thing is slowly starting to fade away. Congress believes that it will not make the mistake of Punjab now. Then he took all the decisions at the end of the election, for which he had to bear the brunt. Now elections are to be held in this state after one and a half years. The matter has reached so far that even the old Dhakad leader’s own people have started changing the tone since last few days. The attitude of the officers close to him is also seen in a different way. It is believed that after the Rajya Sabha elections, some big changes can happen in the state. The party is in the mood to take a decision of ‘R or Par’. The party worries that it has not won a single seat in that state in the last two general elections and will have to prepare now to reverse the trend in 2024.

risk in Gujarat

Elections to the Gujarat assembly are due at the end of the year. This time BJP has started its preparation from now. Like in 2017, she does not want to take any risk this time. There was a close contest towards the end of the 2017 elections and the BJP somehow managed to save its power. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah have taken over its command from now on. PM Modi may visit Gujarat every month till the elections. Although in all the surveys till now, the position of BJP is being said to be stronger than in 2017, but the party has started aggressive campaign from now on. The party claims that in the next few days many Congress leaders will come to their court. Hardik Patel has already announced to join BJP. The party’s strategy is to rope in Congress leaders, especially from areas where the BJP had performed poorly in 2017. At the same time, BJP does not want to leave anything to the state unit this time.

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