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Pragati Maidan Tunnel: If you give 2 rupees, the headline is made, if 200 rupees of petrol is left then there is no discussion… PM Modi’s taunt on Delhi government


New Delhi: The tunnel project work at ITO, one of the busiest routes in the capital Delhi, has been completed. The tunnel was inaugurated by PM Modi himself. Due to this tunnel in Delhi, lakhs of people of Delhi and NCR will get relief from their lives. After the inauguration, PM Modi wrapped up the Delhi government in talks. In his speech, without mentioning any leader and party, he used arrows in the form of political satire. Elections to MCD are going to be held in Delhi and along with this, by-elections are also going to be held in Rajendra Nagar assembly seat.

PM Modi’s taunt about the court
After the inauguration, Modi said that ‘today Delhi has received a very beautiful gift of modern infrastructure from the Central Government.’ However, he said in a sarcastic tone that ‘if you do such things, there are no less people knocking on the doors of the Judiciary.’ His gesture was towards the Delhi government. Apart from this, when such schemes are implemented, many people approach the court against it and then the matter gets pending.

PM Modi counted development work
During his speech, PM Modi left no stone unturned to count the development work. He said that Gatishakti masterplan is the only way of taking everyone along, taking everyone into confidence, making everyone’s effort. No project should be delayed, all departments should work in harmony, every department should have complete information, this thinking has created momentum. He said that in the last 8 years, we have taken unprecedented steps to solve the problems of Delhi-NCR. In the last 8 years, the metro service in Delhi-NCR has expanded from 193 km to 400 km.

Those who knocked on the doors of Judiciary are no less… Whom did the PM, who was giving ‘gift’ to Delhi, take a jibe at?
PM Modi satire on politics
PM Modi said that last year I also had the opportunity to inaugurate the Defense Complex. It is the misfortune of our country that many good things, things done with good purpose, get caught in the color of politics.

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What did PM Modi say on the free scheme?
PM Modi fired another satire on the Delhi government. He said that today people’s time, money, fuel will be saved from this tunnel. For example, he said that if the government gives two rupees to someone, it is discussed a lot, headlines are made. But if a government does such a thing, which saves 200 rupees of petrol, it is not discussed. PM Modi was referring to the free schemes of the Delhi government. Free electricity is being provided up to 200 units in Delhi.

Pragati Maidan Corridor: 1 Tunnel 5 Underpass… Old thing now jammed near ITO and Pragati Maidan!
Pragati Maidan Tunnel inaugurated
The PM said that ‘decades ago, Pragati Maidan was built to showcase India’s progress, the potential of Indians, India’s products, our culture. Since then India has changed, India’s capability has changed, needs have increased manifold, but Pragati Maidan has not progressed much. Praising the metro network, the PM said that due to the growing metro network in Delhi-NCR, thousands of vehicles are now running less on the roads. This has also helped a lot in reducing pollution. Eastern and Western peripherals have also helped Delhi.

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