Peskov announced Russia’s unwillingness to throw threats


Moscow will not heap threats like Washington is doing, preferring to wait until the end of talks on security guarantees in Brussels and the OSCE round. This was stated by the presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov, answering questions from journalists.

The spokesman for the head of state was asked, in connection with NATO statements that the door will remain open for Ukraine, whether Russia can resort to military-technical solutions. Continuing NATO’s “open door” policy and moving the Alliance towards our borders is exactly what threatens Russia, he said. “And exactly what we are asking for are legally formulated and binding guarantees, about non-continuation,” Peskov explained.

The presidential spokesman suggested waiting for the completion of the ongoing negotiations and the OSCE round on security guarantees. “We would not like, like American officials, to pour out threats and ultimatums, to predict a high price to be paid, we would not want to be like that,” he said.

“We are negotiating culturally, open to dialogue, our diplomats have preserved diplomatic traditions, despite the tough situation. We still prefer to talk first, and then evaluate and make forecasts,” the presidential press secretary concluded.