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Paternity Leave: Mother feeds milk, what is the work of father? Understand why paternity leave is being recommended


New Delhi: The greatest happiness is the happiness of children. The words of mother and father lying in the ears in the parrot language give such a feeling which cannot be expressed in words. When the kilkari resonates in the house, everyone wants to be close to that little guest. Wants to play with him, wants to spend moments of peace. In such a situation, provision has been made for maternity leave for mothers in government and private companies and paternity leave for fathers. The mother is given 6 months i.e. 26 weeks in which she can take care of her child well. During this time she is also physically strong and no salary is deducted. Although father has less leave. At present, 15 days paternity leave is given to central employees. Talking about the private sector, there is a 7-day holiday in some companies but there is no clear policy in some companies. It is avoided by saying that the father’s stay with the child is not as important as the mother’s. is that so? Why is there a demand for extension of paternity leave now? Let’s understand.

The burden on the mother will be less
In the law review discussion held on the Maternity Benefit Act, many experts talked about reducing the burden of raising children on mothers. In such a situation, he has recommended to increase the paternity leave. The National Commission for Women has pointed out that apart from increasing paternity leave, there have been recommendations like encouraging employers and sensitizing the corporate sector to employ more women workers. The National Commission for Women (NCW) had conducted the final law review consultations on the amendments to the Maternity Benefit Act, 1961 and 2017. The commission stated that the purpose of this meeting was to review and analyze the legislation affecting women and to recommend amendments to rectify any deficiencies, inadequacies and errors.

Parag Agarwal took several weeks off
Be it social security schemes or employee’s rights, there are better provisions in many countries of the world. You must have read that Twitter’s Indian-origin CEO Parag Agarwal said a few months ago that he would take a few weeks of paternity leave after the birth of his second child. Can you imagine this in your country? In India, mothers get leave, but if there is talk of father’s paternity leave, then this is considered unnecessary or an excuse for leave.

understand mother’s difficulty
In fact, in today’s time it is not easy to take care of a newborn, whether it is a village or a city. There is some ease in the collective family but nowadays the parents living in the flat have no one to take care of the children other than the mother. Becoming a parent for the first time comes with many challenges. It requires time and patience. After delivery, the mother is advised to rest for a few months and not to run too much. In such a situation, if the father goes to work, then it is difficult for the mother to handle the child alone.

The whole routine of sleeping, getting up changes
Recently, Rahul Kumar of Noida, who became a father, says that after the arrival of the little guest, the routine of sleeping, getting up… The whole house was focused on him. Why cried, did he drink milk, he has to give attention every moment. If the wife is weak, then there is work in the house apart from the maid, which she has to do. He says that sleep is not complete in the night because the child wakes up many times. In such a situation, the father should also get some weeks so that he can settle in the new life. This will also help the wife and will be of great help in balancing the office-household work.

Sarveshwar Tiwari, who works in an MNC company, says that if the boss is a foreigner, he takes all these things more sensitively. But due to lack of nationwide policy regarding paternity leave in the country, many things are not clear and we cannot even demand it.

Now there is neither grandfather nor grandmother, so how to raise children
Ruchi, an office-goer who lives in an apartment in Noida, says that a few years ago, when people lived under one roof with grandparents, uncles and aunts, there used to be many people taking care of the child in the house, the situation was different. She was Today in the nuclear family, the mother does not get time to fix her health. She has to take care of the baby after delivery. In this, if the father gets along and he spends more time at home for a few weeks, then there will be less mental stress and pain. This will also benefit the company because the mental tension of the employee will be less.

Mother will give milk, what is the work of father?
In some companies, senior colleagues make fun of 15 days of paternity leave by saying that it is good that they didn’t even have a day off during their time. Some taunt that if the mother will give milk, then what is your work in the house? In such a situation, there is also psychological pressure on the employee to join the office quickly. Whereas experts say that the world of parents changes especially after the birth of the first child. Many unexpected things happen. The mother needs a physical and emotional togetherness, who can support her in the care of the child. This is the reason that now the demand for increasing paternity leave has increased in the country.

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