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Pakistan should remember the genocide in Bangladesh, India again showed the mirror to the neighboring country in the Security Council


UN : Responding to Pakistan’s attack on the issue of Kashmir in the United Nations Security Council, India said that it should remember the genocide in Bangladesh under ‘Operation Searchlight’. The President of the Security Council this month is Albania. It organized a discussion on Thursday on the topic ‘Accountability and Justice in Cases of Serious Violations of International Law’. In this discussion, Pakistan once again raised the issue of Kashmir. Pakistan’s Acting Permanent Representative Amir Khan accused India of trying to change the demographic data of Kashmir.

Propaganda against India like a broken record

He said that India is trying to convert Kashmir’s majority Muslim population into Hindu majority population after snatching the special status of Kashmir. On this, Councilor Kajal Bhatt in the Indian Mission said that today there is a discussion on how to fix accountability for serious violations of international law, but Pakistan is still engaged in spreading propaganda against India like a broken record. .

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Genocide in Bangladesh 50 years ago
He said that Pakistan should remember how it wreaked havoc on the then East Pakistan. How thousands of people were slaughtered there in the most brutal way. Thousands of women were raped. Kajal Bhatt said that Pakistan has never even accepted the genocide committed in Bangladesh 50 years ago, far from apologizing and taking accountability. He said that under Operation Searchlight, the Pakistani army used innocent women, children, people of the academy area and intellectuals as weapons.

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Pakistan has been avoiding accountability
Commenting on the representative of Pakistan, he said that Khan is a living proof of how a country has been continuously evading accountability even by racial cleansing and genocide. Kajal Bhatt said that only Pakistan-backed terrorists try to change the demography in Kashmir. These terrorists have been targeting the minority community of Jammu and Kashmir and the people of their community who do not believe in their ideology. All that Pakistan can contribute is to stop supporting terrorism against India and the people of India. India will continue to take decisive and tough measures against cross-border terrorism.

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