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Our adversary countries are making military use of space, now Air Force should proceed on the path of ‘Aerospace’ force: Rajnath Singh


New Delhi: In view of the gruesome consequences of the Ukraine-Russia war, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh is continuously discussing with the three armies to beef up the country’s security system. In this episode, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, referring to the military use of space, said that the Indian Air Force should consider moving ahead from the Air Force to become an Aerospace-Force. He said that our adversary countries are constantly moving towards military use of space, which can have an adverse effect on our interests. Therefore, it is our responsibility to keep anticipating what will be the nature of wars in future and prepare ourselves accordingly.

Speaking at an event, the Defense Minister said that we should think about protecting against space guided attacks, protecting our space assets and mastering technology. He also laid emphasis on specialized skill training in the soldiers. The Defense Minister said that if we look closely at the current Russo-Ukraine war or what happened in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, then we can predict how the future wars will be.

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Expensive weapons do not guarantee victory

He said that it is not necessary that only very expensive weapon systems can make us win. How the weapon system is deployed gives us an edge in the war. The Defense Minister said that there is no doubt that technology is important but without proper deployment, equipment with technology will be mere paraphernalia. Merely collecting a weapon with a new technology may be a cause of envy for others, but it does not necessarily guarantee victory to someone.

Defense Minister emphasized on this strategy
Defense Minister emphasized on joint thinking, joint training and joint planning. He said that for a long time we have been dependent on imports to protect our borders. From MiG fighter jets to Sukhoi and the recent Rafale fighter jets. We imported very advanced equipment and platforms from all over the world for our security but the experience of the past has told us that India cannot depend on imports for long for its security. The recent conflict also told us that not just defense supplies, but commercial contracts are always prone to stress when it comes to national interest. Rajnath Singh said that in such a situation, self-reliance is necessary not only to increase domestic capacity but also to maintain our independence.


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