Omicron wave worsens crisis for US airlines


Digital Desk, Washington. The highly contagious Omicron virus has deepened the health crisis in the US. Along with this, problems are also increasing for American airlines. A series of winter storms, along with a manifold increase in the pandemic, have forced mass cancellations of flights, the report posted on Tuesday said.

In just one day, about one-third of United Airlines employees in Newark City, in the eastern US state of New Jersey, sought leave because they were infected, the report said. A spokesperson for JetBlue Airways Corp also said that JetBlue has seen an increase in the number of sick calls.

The report cited flight-tracking service FlightAware as saying that since Christmas Eve, US airlines have canceled more than 30,600 flights. In a bid to address staff shortages, Xinhua news agency reported. US airlines are offering incentives or deploying their management personnel to staff frontline operations. The problems brought by the latest coronavirus wave have dampened expectations of rising earnings for some airlines, the report said. .