Omicron news: Biggest jump in corona infection so far, positivity rate is also scary with 2.5 lakh cases




  • Weekly infection rate more than 5 percent in 300 districts of the country
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi will hold a meeting with Chief Ministers this evening
  • Restrictions were imposed in many states including Delhi, cases are still increasing

New Delhi
For the first time in India since the start of the epidemic, new corona cases increased by 50,000 in a single day. Yes, this is the biggest jump. In 24 hours, about 2.5 lakh new cases have been reported in the country, which is 50 thousand more than the day before Tuesday. For the first time after May 26, the figure of corona has crossed 2 lakhs. Seeing the speed of these figures, the apprehensions of the experts have started deepening, in which they have said that 4 to 8 lakh cases will come daily.

The cases of new infection reached 2,46,443 on Wednesday without including Tripura’s figure. The final figure could be more than 2.47 lakhs. Earlier, when the second wave of Corona was close to the peak, the biggest surge (43,196) was seen in a single day on 27 April 2021. In the third wave of Corona, experts say that the peak can come at the end of this month or in February.

There has been a rapid increase in Kovid-19 infection in India and the rate of infection in samples tested increased from 1.1 percent on December 30 to 11.05 percent on Wednesday. At present, the weekly infection rate in 300 districts in India is more than 5 percent.

Joint Secretary Lav Agarwal, Ministry of Health

Corona spread rapidly in 300 districts
Not 10 or 20, the weekly positivity rate has reached above 5 percent in 300 districts of the country. If we look at the Health Ministry data, a week ago it was only in 78 districts. The positivity rate, which was 1.1% on December 30, rose to 11.05% on Wednesday.

For the first time in the third wave, more than two lakh cases in a day, the center said – do not consider Omicron as common cold-cough
There are more than 10,000 active cases in 19 states. The central government has clearly said that Maharashtra, Bengal, Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, UP, Kerala and Gujarat are causing concern due to the increase in corona cases.

Omicron is not a common cold/cough, it cannot be taken lightly. We need to be vigilant and get vaccinated, while adopting covid friendly behavior. Immunization is an important pillar in our COVID prevention programme.

VK Paul, NITI Aayog Member (Health)

In a single day, 203 people (except Tripura) have died due to corona across the country. For the first time since October 27, the daily death toll has also crossed 200. At the moment, daily cases are increasing at an alarming rate. A decline was seen on Monday, if that day is omitted, starting from December 28, Wednesday was the 15th day, when the daily cases saw a double-digit growth. Compared to Tuesday, there was an increase of 26.1% in fresh cases on Wednesday.

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It is a matter of relief that at the time of the second dangerous wave of Corona, the speed with which the deaths were happening is not the same. For the first time during the second wave, corona cases crossed the 2 lakh mark on 14 April. There were 896 deaths in the country on that day. However, gradually the number of deaths is increasing even at this time. The death toll in the last seven days itself was 81 percent more than the previous week.

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India again among the most affected countries
If we do a comparative study of the countries, then India has once again reached among the most affected countries of the world from the point of view of the speed of the corona case. On January 11, more cases were reported in the US than in India alone. At present, more than one lakh cases are coming every day in four countries – America, India, UK and Italy.

Delhi’s condition
On Wednesday, 27,561 new cases of Kovid were reported in the national capital Delhi, while 40 people have died due to corona virus infection. The infection rate in the city has been recorded at 26.22 percent. After the death of 44 people due to infection on June 10 last year, on Wednesday, the maximum death of 40 people in a single day was due to infection.

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