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Ola owner said big thing on fire in electric scooters, know – News

Incidents of fire in electric two wheelers are increasing the concern. Cases are coming to the fore every day and in one incident even an elderly person has died. The government has started the investigation by forming a committee, but the question is when will such incidents stop. Now the Chief Executive of Ola Electric has said in a private company event that electric scooters may catch fire in future also, but such incidents will be very less. It is worth noting that this matter has come into the limelight after the Ola Electric scooter caught fire. Apart from Ola Electric, Pure EV and Okinawa scooters have also come under fire due to battery explosion or fault.

When asked about the fire at a private event, Ola Electric chief executive Bhavish Aggarwal replied that such incidents could happen in future as well, according to a Reuters report. However, he said that we have a commitment that we will make sure that we analyze every case and if there is any correction to be done, we will fix it.

According to Bhavish, such incidents are rarely seen. He said that fire safety in the automobile industry is a broader issue than Electric Vehicles (EV). He said that compared to the EV industry, there is a greater need for quality control regulations in petrol-powered vehicles. Arun Kumar, Chief Financial Officer, Ola Group, said that gasoline-based scooters have seen more fires than electric models and the issue pertains to the entire two wheeler industry.

Ola’s battery cells and battery management system are the initial findings of the government-run investigation into the e-scooter fire. However, the firm has said that there was nothing wrong with its battery management system. Apart from this, incidents of fire in Indian startups- Okinawa and PureEV e-scooters are also being investigated.

Bhavish Aggarwal said, “Sometimes there will be some minor fault in the cell, maybe there may be something else which may cause internal short circuit. He said it was just one incident among 50,000 Ola’s e-scooters on the roads. However, following the incident, the company has recalled more than 1,400 e-scooters and has appointed outside experts to investigate the cause of the incident.

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