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Now the entire movie will be downloaded in a second! This WiFi Router with 3000Mbps speed came to ‘erect the cot’ of Jio-Excitel – News

Huawei AX3 WiFi 6+ Router with 3000Mbps Speed ​​in India: In today’s era it is very difficult to imagine our life without internet. We all have mobile data facility in our phones but we use WiFi in our home and office etc. Jio and Excitel’s WiFi routers are commonly bought in India and they provide good internet speed. Recently, Hawaii (Huawei) has launched a new WiFi router, the Huawei AX3 WiFi 6+ Router, which has surpassed all other companies..

High speed WiFi router launched in India

For your information, let us tell you that Huawei has launched a new WiFi router, Huawei AX3 WiFi 6+ Router in India. Let us tell you that this WiFi router has been launched in China in 2020. The price of this router with tremendous internet speed is also not high. Let’s know more about it.

This Huawei router comes with a speed of 3000 Mbps

The Huawei AX3 WiFi 6+ Router is powered by the Gigahome Dual-Core 1.2GHz Processor from Hawaii (Huawei). It uses dynamic bandwidth technology, so the chipset is based on Synergy. This technology takes care that the internet connection and signal are not congested due to the walls and ground of the house. The company claims that this router offers speeds of up to 3000Mbps.

Features of Huawei AX3 WiFi 6+ Router

Supported by WiFi-6+ connectivity and a frequency bandwidth of 160MHz, this router comes with multi-router mesh networking that allows multiple routers to work together and offer better WiFi coverage. The device is equipped with OFDMA multi-device technology that can connect a total of four devices on 2.4GHz and 16 devices on the 5GHz band. In this you will get one WAN and three LAN Ethernet ports and its pairing can be controlled with the help of Huawei AI Life App.

You can buy Huawei AX3 WiFi 6+ Router from Amazon and Flipkart. Under the special introductory offer, it is being sold for Rs 3,999 but in reality the price of this router is Rs 4,999.

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