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Now Rail Karmayogi will change your train travel experience, know what is happening new

New Delhi: You are standing in line to buy a train ticket. But you are facing problem in filling the reservation form. You are standing at the booking counter to take the ticket but facing difficulty in making the digital payment. You have reached the station but you are not able to know on which platform your train is coming. You are on the platform, but you have no idea how far your coach is from the engine. Now passengers will not have such trouble. Because, the Ministry of Railways is deploying Rail Karmyogi at every major stations. So far, more than 50 thousand such Karma Yogis have been trained and deployed. Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav himself has given this information through a tweet.

what is mission karmayogi
Railway Board officials say that Mission Karmyogi has been started to improve the experience of railway passengers or railway customers. Under this, at least one lakh Rail Karma Yogis are being prepared all over the country. These karma yogis will improve the experience of railway passengers or people having business relationship with railways. Lucknow-based Indian Railway Institute of Transport Management (IRITM) has been given the responsibility of training Rail Karmayogi.

karma yogis are getting trained
IRITM Director General (IRITM DG) Chandralekha Mukherjee told that the work is being done in two phases under this mission. Firstly, 1,100 master trainers are being trained from all the divisions of the railways. They are being trained by experts for five days in the institute. Then they will go to their division and train the field staff. Till now 49 division trainers have been trained in the institute. Rest of the trainers will also be trained soon. These trainers have trained more than 51 thousand field trainers by going to their division.

what will be the benefit
If a passenger is standing at the reservation counter and is unable to fill the reservation form. A passenger wants to make a digital payment to buy a ticket, but it is not possible to do so. Then these rail workers will cooperate with such passengers. Similarly, someone has gone to the station to board the train, but they are not able to know on which platform their train is coming. The train is about to arrive on the platform but they do not know how far their coach is from the engine. So, in such a situation these karma yogis will help them.

Even if there is trouble in the train, you will get help
Some passenger is going in the train and they needed some medical help. So these karma yogis will help in calling the doctor. They will also help take the passenger to the hospital if his condition worsens. If the baggage of a passenger is lost or there is some other problem, then Karmayogi will take them to GRP and RPF. Will get their report written and will get all possible help.

better travel experience
Chandralekha Mukherjee says that Mission Karmayogi aims to enhance the travel experience. The focus of the railway administration is that there should be no harsh experience in rail travel. That is why railway workers are being prepared. These karma yogis will help in boarding the passengers in the proper compartment. Will help get them to their seat in the coach. Those passengers whose tickets are left in the wait list, they will be helped in getting berths if they find empty berths. Not only this, traders having business relations with Railways will also get the service of Karmayogi.

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